4 Years!

Today is our 4th Anniversary. This time last year, we were raising support, not knowing when we’d actually arrive in Peru. We were in South Dakota, visiting friends and family, enjoying the warm summer weather. And now… a solid year later… I’m sitting in our brand new bedroom, in our brand new house, flicking spiders and ants off my computer screen, bundled in a sweater because it’s winter here in Peru…and thanking God that we’re finally right where we’re supposed to be. No, we didn’t know four years ago where God would take us. No, we never imagined being permanently overseas. But, wow did God have bigger and better plans for our life as a married couple. Brian gets to do his favorite thing in the world – fix things – as MINISTRY. I get to teach and raise up young missionary kids, impacting their lives and helping them be prepared for life outside of teh bubble that is Bible school living. I get to play hostess in my very own, two-story house. We get to live in a country where, even though it’s winter, it’ll never be colder than 50 degrees. 🙂 We get to work with Bible school kids, spend time in the jungle, and enable others to reach Peruvians for Christ and impact their world. How can life get any better than this?
Four years. More miles than we care to count. So many wonderful memories. Here’s to a lifetime more, no matter where God takes us and no matter what He asks us to do.


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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