Friday Morning…

I am not normally able to update our blog or do much correspondance during the day because I’m in school, but today is a little different. My third grader is getting much more dependant, however, so I feel like I can let her work more by herself than before.

So, I thought I’d do a little updating for you!

We moved into our house on Monday. We live only in the downstairs; the upstairs isn’t finished yet. We don’t have a bedroom, a kitchen, or a door on our bathroom, but it’s ours. And most of the time, that’s all that matters. I can’t honestly say it doesn’t bother us to be living in an almost-not-liveable house, but I can honestly say that we’d rather be there than anywhere else! Brian is busy working, when he has time, on the extra stuff that needs to be done. In fact, he will be going out today to order the rest of the wood we need. Our fellow missionaries have been so generous to us, lending us things we need, giving us things we need, and giving, most importantly, their precious time (of which we all have so little!) to help make our house liveable.
I’m using Brian’s computer at the moment and he has fewer pictures of our house on it than I have on mine, so you’ll have to excuse this not-so-updated picture! Picture a roof, windows, and doors and you kind of have an idea of what it looks like! 🙂

The plan now is for Brian to finish the house within the next two weeks, with help from a team of three men who have come from PA to live here for two months and do construction. They will be finishing our house, as well as building a new classroom, turning an old classroom into a dorm, and adding onto a bathroom in IBYM…plus going to Iquitos on the same trip Brian will be going on later this month! They will be quite busy, but we are so thankful they’re here.

However, our finances for our house are a little slim. We will be able to finish it, but it will greatly deplete our general support account, which means we won’t have hardly any money for emergiences, furlough, or “extras.” If you feel the Lord placing it on your heart to help us out in any way, it would be greatly appreciated! We know He will continue to provide for us; sometimes it’s hard waiting to see HOW.

As for the rest of life…I have become more involved with the hospitality management here. We have many teams come down to help us out and we needed a better organized hospitality system. So, I was asked to join the team! One of the nice things is that my Spanish is coming along, so I can communicate better with Peruvians and will therefore be a better laiason for teams when they come from the States. Right now, we not only have the three men from PA, but we have a family of three from Ireland. He will be teaching in the Bible school and doing some preaching in local churches. In two weeks, we have a group of girls coming from Lancaster Bible College in Lancaster, PA, who will be with us for two weeks. The leaders of that group will be staying with us! And then, in July, we have another group coming. And in August, my father will be here for a week. So, it’ll be nice and busy!

We are most definitely in the third month of adapting to a culture and we feel it more often now than usual. Please be in prayer for us. Little things that didn’t use to bother us add up faster now and are making it a little harder here. We still desire to be here and are still SO content to be here – don’t get us wrong! We just need a little more perservance these days.

And ~ meet our new nephew! Esten Allen Biegert was born last night to Brian’s older brother, Jeremy, and his wife, Amanda. We are soooo happy for them and cannot wait to meet this little boy. Below is a picture of Jeremy with Esten and then Brian’s youngest brother, Nicholas, with our niece Denali who was born in April.


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We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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