House Update

    Just wanted to give you all a brief update on our house – with pictures!

    It’s been a busy couple of week. Brian and his team have been working five, sometimes six, days a week on our house. Some of you have wondered why we need to leave the guest house we’re living in now right at the beginning of June. This is the only guest house on campus; the other spare rooms are just that – rooms. There is a family coming for an entire month and they will be staying here, in the guest house. So, we need to move on! This also gave us a goal, time-wise, of being out of here. Otherwise, the process could’ve probably run considerably slower.

    Brian has a crew of two men who work consistently with him every day. Fernando is our faithful gardner, who also knows how to tile and build. He works all day with Brian. Claudio is a missionary with BCM. He and his wife will be moving to Iquitos in August. He wants desperately to learn how to build and do maintenance, so he follows Brian around and helps as much as possible. On top of these two men, we have Lucho (the man in charge of Maintenance that Brian will be replacing within the next couple of years), Jonaton (good friend of ours, our director’s son), and James (a third year married student who is a carpenter and who will be building our doors for us). In the afternoons, he also has three or four IBYM students who come to help out as well. So, with this wonderful team – daily progress is made! It’s quite exciting.

    Our house is two floors. The bottom will have a living area, kitchen, and full bathroom. Off the bottom floor is a door to the backyard, where we will (eventually) have like a gazebo so we can eat outside during the summer (it’ll just be too hot to eat inside). My washing machine will also be outside, underneath our stairs. Upstairs, we will have three bedrooms and one more full bath. Sounds big, but it’s about the same size as all the other houses here, just dispersed differently. Our goal for our house is not only to fill it with as many baby Biegerts as God will give us, but to also provide additional guest housing for teams and their leaders. We have about six or more teams a year and we’d love to be greatly involved in their work while they’re here. On top of being the only Americans who live here full-time, we will also eventually be bilingual, so this will be a great asset to getting our missions teams well-acclamated and making their trips run even more smoothly.

    So, where are we at in this process? We have the entire first floor basically done, except for the inner bathroom walls. The rest of the work downstairs will be installing the kitchen counters and appliances, tiling the bathroom, and installing the bathroom fixtures. Of course, there’s still electrical, doors, and windows. Upstairs, we have the floor basically finished. Walls (outside and inside) go up this week. While Brian has been working on the floor, students have been siding the outside. Three-quarters of the downstairs is sided right now. The concrete slab in the backyard for the washing machine was poured yesterday. Brian went out today to buy the roofing materials, the wood for the steps, and something else that I keep forgetting! We are planning on picking out the tile for our bathrooms, the tile for our kitchen counters, and our toilets and sinks this weekend. Tile is made right here in Lima, hand-painted, so it is extremely cheap! And absolutely gorgeous. We can’t wait!

    The goal is to be done with the house in just two full weeks. Well, at least done enough that we can move in and sleep there. The upstairs bathroom will not be completed and, of course, all the touches that will make it “home” won’t be done. But, we’ll be sleeping there!

    Our last newsletter (that we can’t seem to get to our “Latest Newsletter” page, sorry) requested additional funds for the house. The reason for that is because the U.S. dollar has dropped so drastically, it has made the Peruvian economy just sky-rocket. Within the past two months, prices on everything here have gone up dramatically. So, we spent probably $3000 more than we’d planned on, just for the outside of the house. Kind of frustrating. But, God will provide. He always does. We do ask for your help, though. We would love to be able to have at least the necessities within the next couple of months. Those include a washing machine, a refrigerator, an oven, a dresser, and maybe a desk and table. If you would like to contribute to any of those things, we’d be forever grateful! Please send checks to BCM International with our general account number (14191) on them. If you would like to designate your funds to something in particular, that’s fine, too! Then we can say this item was directly from you. J We’d love that.

    So, here’s some pictures! Keep praying for us! And please keep in touch!

The first day – when the walls got put up.
The front of the house, with walls. That’s Fernando.
Lisa in the house, standing in the window of the side of the living room where the desk/computer stuff will be.
Our first floor bathroom.
Brian standing in the living room.
The front of the house as it looks today, with our gorgeous mountain view behind it!

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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