We were told in cultural training to be prepared for things happening back in the States that we would be too far away from to do anything about. The first tragedy happened this week. Thankfully, it’s someone only Lisa knows and Lisa has been away from Vermont long enough that it’s easier than it would be otherwise.

A family Lisa knows well in Vermont has three children. This Friday, the father and the middle son, a 17 year old named Jake, went turkey hunting (first day of turkey hunting in Vermont). The father mistook his son for a turkey and shot him. Jake was killed. Even as I (Lisa) write this, I still have a hard time fathoming that this could happen. Just knowing the family so well, I have no idea how they’re handling this. I had the hard task of breaking the news to one of the American girls here. Her best friend is engaged to Jake’s older brother, Zack. So, she’s even closer to the family. I hope I don’t have to break news like that to anybody again any time soon.

Brian and I are doing okay. I can’t stop and think about it for very long because it’s just too overwhelming. It’s one of those gut-wrenching, nauseating stories that are just too incredibly for real life. Please be in prayer for them. Pray for the father, Kevin, and his wife, Dianna. Pray for Zack and his baby sister, Rebekah, who is in sixth grade. Pray for my sister, Tanya. She is one of Rebekah’s teachers and Tanya had the incredibly difficult task of breaking the news to Rebekah’s school on Friday. Pray for my church in Vermont as they come around the Kadamus family. Pray for my sister’s father-in-law, Paul, who is the pastor of my church in Vermont and who will be doing the funeral within the next couple of days. Pray for Jake’s friends.

Thank you.


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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