Semana Santa (Holy Week)

Just like the rest of the world, it is Easter weekend here in Peru! They call it “Semana Santa” (holy week) and apparently little things go on all week, but we’re pretty secluded in our little part of the world and haven’t been out all week, so we have seen nothing interesting (sorry mom). But, BCM Peru has quite a few activities going on this weekend and we wanted to tell you about them so you know a little bit of the ministry here and how truly busy it is! And, feel free to pray for all the different ministries this weekend. This is a very Catholic country, so this is a great weekend to do Gospel outreaches.

So, here we go:
Wednesday, two people left for Cochobamba, Bolivia, to do Teacher Training, using BCM’s international curriculum, In Step with the Master Teacher (called “EMAUS” in Spanish). They will be gone one week, training 15 BCM Bible club leaders.
Yesterday, two teams from “Apoyo” (our evanglistic outreach team) left to go to two different areas around Lima to do a weekend of ministry events. This includes street evanglism and working in area churches.
Last night and tonight, another branch of Apoyo is showing the Jesus film in Manchay, the next city over from Picapiedra (where we live). It’s a very poor desert city that BCM has two church plants in.
Tomorrow, the Compartiendo (Pennies for Peru) team has two campaigns – one in Manchay (that we will be attending) and one in another section of Lima in the afternoon. They work with local churches and they just set up on the street whereever there’s room. They do two every weekend from here on out during the winter, so if you ever lack something to pray for, pray for them! They reach approx. 200 children, plus teens and adults, every weekend.
Here at IBYM, most of the students leave today for their Bible clubs or churches and are gone til Monday. They are required to be involved in a church and the church families house them every weekend. They work in Bible clubs on Saturdays and churches on Sundays. Tomorrow is the official start day for this year’s Bible clubs. And they are starting at least a couple new ones! Around 4 or 5 are the beginning of church plants. They start with the Bible club and eventually expand to an actual church service Sunday morning.
So, since the IBYM students are mostly gone, we will be having a weekend camp starting today and going through Sunday. They are expecting 60 teenagers this weekend. Some of the IBYM students who are staying will be counselors and then missionaries with nothing else to do this weekend will be helping out as well. Next weekend, we have 60 children coming; the weekend after that another church is kind of using our facilities and we’re just helping out, so we don’t know how many will be coming then.
Also on Saturday, there will be more Teacher Training held here at the camp for about 20-25 of our local Bible club leaders.
And I think that’s it! 🙂 Hope that’s enough! This is a pretty good idea of what weekends look like down here. Not really a good chance to get bored and always an opportunity to serve. Later this month, Apoyo will be going to the jungle for a week. We’re looking forward to getting more Spanish so we can be involved in at least some of these ministries. At least there’s plenty to choose from!
So…what are YOU doing for “Semana Santa”? This is a great time to reach the lost! Take full advantage of it!


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