Why we’re here…

So far, we haven’t really had any culture stress. We thought we’d have some by now, but so far so good. I, personally, could do without the multitude of spiders and the small-rodent-sized-crickets and being served cow intestine (with french fries, mind you), BUT other than that, things are going really, really well. 🙂 So, we don’t need as many reminders for why we’re here as we thought.

However – nights like tonight DO remind us of why we’re here and energize us for the job that we have. We had chapel tonight with the IBYM students and one of the first year boys gave their testimony. He’s from Iquitos and he gave up finishing university to come to Bible school. He left Iquitos not even knowing how he would pay for Bible school, just knowing that God has called him, so God will provide. So cool.

Quite a few of the kids that are here are here without parental approval and instead of university or full-time jobs. They come not knowing how to pay for school, or if they will even be able to afford it at all. They come because they feel God calling them to be missionaries. They come because they have experienced hopeless lives and know that God alone can fix that. They come because their heart’s sole desire is to learn Scripture, spend three solid years in the Word of God, and be better prepared to go back home and spread the Gospel. Wow. Such an inspiration. We are so honored to be here with these KIDS and to somehow have an impact on their lives. And yet, most days, I feel they impact my life so much more than I will ever impact theirs.

If you think of it, you can be praying for these 60 students, ranging in age from 16-30, married and single, new believers and not-so-new. Pray also for their finances. If you ever feel led to support a student through Bible school, it is less than $60 a month and it would impact a life forever. Most of these kids are not able to pay their bills (hence the reason we eat cow intestine every few weeks – it’s really, really cheap), but they’re able to stay thanks to generous support from churches and individuals, Peruvian and American.

Thanks for your prayers! We’re still doing well. Days and nights are getting chillier; we’re also getting more anxious to get into our own house, but all in good time. 🙂 Have a wonderful Easter!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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