Well, we leave tomorrow for Iquitos! We will only have internet if we make it to an internet café, so don’t count on us communicating an awful lot over the next two weeks. Just to give you an idea of all we know at the moment about our trip – we will arrive in Iquitos tomorrow evening around 9. Monday morning at 7:30, Brian begins work with the other men. They will travel by truck, through muddy roads, about 20 minutes. From there, they load their equipment into a boat, and travel up the Amazon for 15 minutes. They could drive, but apparently the rain has made the roads impassable. Brian and the guys will be building a girls’ dorm on the campus from 7:30-5 every day. They will then travel back to the guest house we’re staying in where we women will feed them.  As for me, I will be joining the other five women in teaching a VBS Thursdays through Sundays, both weeks we’re up there. I will also be meeting about the home schooling courses and I will be helping cook the meals for the men. In the evenings, we will all be doing Pennies for Peru activities, other evangelist outreaches, and showing evangelistic films in the streets. Sundays, we’ll be joining local churches where Brian and I have been warned to be ready to give our testimonies.

You can be praying for us, though. It IS the jungle and they have warned Brian extensively about multiple poisonous snakes living on the campsite, hiding under the boards and in the mud. With all the torrential, jungle rains lately, malaria and dengue fever are running rampant. Normally malaria doesn’t affect Peruvians, but even on this trip a few are taking malaria meds. We have begun (it’s a 7-wk process for us!), but there’s nothing but bug spray to prevent us from getting dengue. It’s also extremely hot and humid, something we’re not totally used to right now since it’s winter in the States, and the food will be “jungle food.” Just pray! We don’t want to get sick or slow the others down.

We’ll be sure to post pictures and lots of news when we get back! Email us anyway ~ we’d LOVE to get lots of emails while we’re gone! 

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

One thought on “Trip!”

  1. EVERYONE at church is anxiously waiting your next entry!!!! We can not even imagine alllll the things you will have to tell us all…and we can hardly wait! Plus, we do want PICTURES–where you stayed, where Brian worked, etc. etc……mom

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