Day #2

Well, we’ve made it two full days so far. 🙂 Somehow, it feels like we’ve been here much, much longer.

We have been welcomed into the BCM Peru community with open arms. Everyone has made us feel right at home. There’s a family here who have sort of adopted us. They’ve fed us two Peruvian meals and made us feel so welcome. The food here is wonderful. It consists of a lot of rice, chicken, and bread. Last night was rice, chicken, and a small salad. This morning was bread with a kind of sweet spread on it and milk. But, the milk was mixed with coffee and sugar – almost like an iced coffee. It was very good. They serve it hot or cold (we took it cold, thinking it was going to be plain milk, which isn’t all that good here. Or all that white, for that matter.).

We were able to go grocery shopping today as well! I will be cooking frequently for us, although once Bible school kicks in at the end of March it won’t be horribly often. We were taken to the supermarket and it totally took us off guard. We were dropped off and left to shop by ourselves. Took us about an hour to find our way around. Now, you’re probably thinking “open market”, like we were. SO WRONG. It was a large shopping center, almost Walmart-esq. They sell everything from TVs, refrigerators, appliances, clothes, school supplies, food, and fresh meat. AND ~ we were able to find brands we recognize! Including Skippy peanut butter (yup – there’s peanut butter!), ShurFine olive oil, and KRAFT MACARONI AND CHEESE! Ohhhh hallelujah! Between that and real Ramen, we are so set. 🙂 All the things we thought we couldn’t find down here, and were told were not available, actually ARE. In abundance. And cheaper than in the States (although when you see $15, you think “WHAT??” until you remember it’s not “dollars”!).

We leave Sunday evening, not Saturday, for Iquitos. We’ve been told it’s been raining pretty much non-stop for the last week, turning everything to thick mud. Should make Brian’s building experience…. interesting. We will be attending church Sunday morning where most of the missionaries go, and they even have English translators for the sermon (little ear pieces, so we can listen to both English and Spanish simultaneously). It’s a big church with an American pastor (and by big, we mean two services, about 500 people). Should be fun!

Glad you’re all tracking with us. Let us know if you have questions or if there’s something you’d like to know that we’re not talking about. There are no stupid questions, so ask away! We’ll answer as well as we can and we’ll find out answers if we don’t know them. Who knows – something you ask might be something we haven’t thought of yet that we actually DO need to know! 🙂

























This is the entrance to the Bible Institue. Our house is directly to the right, out of this shot.










One of the mountains surrounding us. We are surrounding by mountains on every side, but they all look just a little different. This one isn’t in our line of sight when we’re on the actual campus, but when we walk down the road, we can see it. It’s so unique! The one that will be behind our house is full of crags and cracks. I’ll post that picture another day. Thanks for looking!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

2 thoughts on “Day #2”

  1. Mac & Cheese AND Peanut Butter?!?!?! You’re so lucky! 🙂 Isn’t it strange the little things that help us feel at home? Thanks so much for the updates. Can’t wait to hear more!

  2. So glad to hear you arrived safely and you are settling in. Your home looks adorable and sounds like you have a great team of people you are working with!

    Looking forward to more pictures!


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