So, here we are!

We arrived in Lima, Peru, last night, around 11:30pm. Cannot believe we’re actually here. The word “surreal” will probably be used frequently in the next few weeks, in case you were wondering. As you know, we left PA a week ago Tuesday. It was definitely hard saying goodbye to Lisa’s family, but we made it. We spent most of Tuesday traveling around PA doing some errands before finally crashing in Virginia that night. Wednesday, we drove some more. Pretty uneventful. Thursday afternoon, we finally arrived at Lisa’s brother’s house! It was so great spending time with Shawn and Britany.
















The four of us left Saturday for Clearwater, FL (the Tampa Bay area), to be closer to our airport and to vacation a tad. We went to the Pier in St. Petersburg, but that was pretty much the extent of what we did since it was actually pretty cold with the wind down there! A little disappointing, but at least we were able to spend time together. We stayed with our uncle and Brian got to see the one thing he’d been hoping for on this trip:










This is who we called Jorge the Gator. He lives in the pond near my uncle’s condo. Anyway, seeing him made Brian’s trip to Florida worth it. 🙂

We flew yesterday morning at 8:30 from Tampa to Ft. Lauderdale. It was a nice, easy ride, only about 35 minutes actually IN the air. But, then we sat for 7 hours in the airport (incredibly thankful the whole time that internet was readily available!). Our plane to Peru took off on time, at 5:15pm, but landed about 35 minutes late. I’m not sure why. Seems we circled quite a bit. It wasn’t a long flight as far as TIME goes, but the flight itself was awfully bumpy. We’re thinking it was because of the mountains, but it was awful, no matter what caused it. We had turbulence for 3 of the 5 hours. Not fun. We were so thankful to finally land! But, we landed in very hot, humid weather, with no air conditioning in the building. Our next hour consisted of us waiting in an interminably long line to go through Immigration Control. All we needed to do was show our passports, the visa stamps, and the paperwork we had filled out on the plane. From there, we headed to go find our bags, which were already off the conveyer belt, being checked and tagged by security officials since they’d been sitting for awhile. We got those, no problem, and then headed through customs. Customs in Peru consists of handing them a piece of paper you fill out on the plane, which they didn’t look at, and then going through a line and hitting a button. If the button turns green, you’re good to go. If it turns red, you get thoroughly searched and then the paperwork is very important. Ours turned… GREEN! WOOHOO! We had stuff with us that they probably would’ve taxed us for, so we were so grateful nothing happened. Oh, and back in Tampa, one of our bags was 2 lbs. overweight and they didn’t do anything about it. Phew! Is our God in control or what??

After walking through customs, we were greeted by a very large foyer/entry area with literally thousands of people hanging over balconies, hanging over railings, hanging over fences, shouting and yelling, offering taxi rides, asking for money, and looking for the people they were waiting for. Quite confusing. We learned “no, gracias” awfully fast. We were met by two of the men from here at the IBYM campus and after loading the car, we traveled one more hour back to the campus. So, we crashed officially in our new home at 1:30am Wednesday.

We woke up to very hot, sticky, humid weather. We’re grateful for our fan and the fact that the guest house we’re living in for now is pretty cool thanks to the cement flooring and an upstairs apartment that is probably sweltering by now. It is gorgeous here and again, it’s very surreal to actually be here. Here are a few views of our new home.










This is what we see when we open the front door of the guest house. If we can ever afford it, we’ll probably purchase a vehicle. We really are pretty far out, so it’d be nice to have our own transportation. But, that’s not something we’ll be getting any time soon.










If you turn to the left just a tad when you’re standing outside our front door, this is what you see – the rest of the Bible Institute campus. What I didn’t get a picture of is to the right – where all the other missionaries live. We’ll post that as well as a picture of where our house will be when we get a chance.










And here is our new home! We are on the bottom floor – where the open door is. This is the official guest house of the campus. Above us is an apartment for one of the other missionary families. And, yes, there is NO insulation so we do hear pretty much everything that goes on above us.










This is immediately to the right of our entryway – our kitchen. We do have a fridge, a freezer, a toaster oven, microwave, and coffeepot. There’s a little gas burner and our washing machine are in the kitchen, too.
















Our living area – there’s a table with 6 chairs and another bookcase you can’t see. Brian is playing with a toy he got in the bread bag this morning. Yup, not the cereal. The bread. 🙂










For those of you wondering what an electric shower head looks like – here it is! More than likely, our house will not have one since they use a lot of electricity. But, basically, you switch it to “hot, cold, or warm” and then turn the water on (not vice versa). It wasn’t too bad, actually. It’s so hot here anyway, I’m not sure a hot shower would’ve been enjoyable! Apparently, everybody has been zapped multiple times, so it’s not gonna kill you. Phew!










Our bedroom. Most of the storage space is used up by spare bedding and towels for teams that come through. But, it’ll work. We have a bureau you can’t see with a mirror on it as well.
















And last of all… the first decoration we put up. 🙂 We sure miss our small group!

More updates to come…stay tuned!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

One thought on “So, here we are!”

  1. Glad you guys made it safe and sound! I remember what it was like… or at least I think I remember what it was like when I first came to Portugal in 2003, and again in 2006, and again in 2008. Although that last re-entry into Portugal went pretty smoothly, nearly seamless.

    I look forward to hearing about your many adventures… Blessings,

    Kris in Portugal –

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