Images from our last week….

Here are some pictures from our last week here in PA….


 Lisa’s Tuesday morning Women’s Bible Study group. Just a small group, but they are so special to me. I was able to teach during December and January and feel so honored to have been a part of their lives. From Left to Right: Associate Pastor’s wife, Deanna Richey; our small group leader’s wife, Sara Geck; good friend Mena; Lisa; Lorie; up top – women’s ministry director, Lori Pankratz; and a fellow missionary, Rawn with son Joshua (she left for the Gambia a week ago for their first term).


 Our Monday night small group we’ve been a part of since May last year. We have grown to soooo love and appreciate everybody in our group and will miss them dearly! Left to Right: Brian, Lori and Hardy Pankratz, Yvonne and Arnie Berger with daughters Sarah and Jessica, and Sara and Scott Geck (missing their 3 little boys – Matthew, Noah, and Andrew).


 Brian and I with Sarah and Jessica. Jessica was in my small group during the Olympian program at our church.


 Some of the mess of packing. 🙂 We are bringing one suitcase and one carry-on a piece on our flight. Two American girls that attend school at the IBYM are actually coming back to the States the same day we arrive in Peru, so on their return trip, they will be bringing back with them those two smaller suitcases you see open on the floor. The rest of the items that did not fit will be coming down with a team from our church who are planning a trip this July. It’s definitely been an interesting job packing for two years in so few bags. Oh, and notice the box of tissues? I was sick with an awful sinus infection all week as well (still working on getting better, actually), so that box has been ever-present for the past 10 days. 🙂


 The missions team praying over us today, Feb. 22, at the end of our commissioning service. My father is in the front on the right. Directly behind him, in the blue striped shirt, is a friend of ours, Mike Riley, who with his wife, Daniela (kneeling in the front) are missionaries to Spain. They have become really good friends of ours this past year and we were so excited to see them today. They weren’t supposed to be there, but with a mix-up on scheduling, they just happened to be in church today and we were so glad! Definitely providential. So, Mike gave the commissioning prayer. In the pink in the back and right next to her, the taller man in the back to her left, are BCM Reps, Dave and Elly Herlan. They drove up from Lancaster County to give the charge to the church and be present for the service. We were so thankful they did. Really meant a lot.


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We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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