We’ve had a lot of people asking when exactly we’ll be leaving. We don’t have the exact date planned yet, but we know the weeks we’ll be going!

Our commissioning service will be February 22nd at Grace Bible Church in Dunmore, PA, at 10am. Anyone is welcome to come! We’d love to have you. Lisa’s father is NOT doing the bulk of the commissioning; we’ve all decided it would be far too emotional. Considering he can’t even talk about it without getting teary, we’re pretty sure he wouldn’t make it through the entire ordeal. 🙂 So, our family pastor, Stan Richey, will be doing our commissioning. Lisa’s dad will be doing the charge to the congregation. Email us if you need directions!

We will be leaving that week, the week of February 22, to drive to Florida (a 2-day drive). Once in Pensacola, we’ll spend a few days with Lisa’s brother, Shawn, and his wife, Britany. We haven’t decided yet if we’ll be flying from Pensacola to Peru or if Shawn will be taking us a little further south to fly to Peru. Thankfully, the airline we’re flying with has pretty set rates and we’re not in a hurry to get our tickets.

We’ll be arriving in Peru the first week of March, early in the week. But, on March 7th…


…we’ll be flying from Lima to Iquitos. Iquitos is where BCM Peru has more property and is working on developing it to become similar to the Bible school/camps that are outside of Lima (where we’ll be). Brian is needed to help build a girl’s dorm. We’ll be in Iquitos until March 22nd….and THEN we’ll begin adapting to life on the IBYM campus!!

And this is pretty much all we know. We’ll keep you updated as we finalize our travel plans.


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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