Exciting News!

A couple years ago, I (Lisa) began writing a novel, just for fun. It was something I thought I’d do in my spare time, but I actually finished it (which, alone, was impressive!). I let a few people read it and always got positive review from it. This year, I took it back out and began looking at it again and doing some more editing and fixing. I had my sister edit it (she also edits all of our newsletters and has helped edit another book for friends of ours, on her own time) and another friend offered a ton of advice on how to change up some scenes.

This fall, I saw that a publishing house was taking new authors. It was free to send it in, so my family encouraged me to just do it – it obviously couldn’t hurt! So, I sent it in.

Yesterday, I got the surprise phonecall of my life. The editors at Tate Publishing loved my book and would like to publish it! I received the contract today and am going over it with a lot of other people to see if this really is the “best” deal. To be quite honest, I feel the Lord helped me write it (considering I had no plot, no idea how it was going to end, and wasn’t even sure where I was going with the characters as I wrote it!) and I have full confidence that someday, He would like it to be made available. Maybe it won’t be through this company, maybe it will. We’re really not sure right now.

If you think of this somewhat more trivial request than usual, can you just pray that we’d have wisdom as we go over the contract and consider our options? Pray I will keep a level head (I am OVERLY excited, in case you were wondering) and not be disappointed if it doesn’t get published through Tate at this time. Our situation is a little complicated, with leaving the country soon and living off of support, so they may not even want me! We shall see!

If you want to read the Prologue, click on the link to the left entitled “The Task At Hand.” This is my own personal blog. Go to “My Writings” in the left bar on the blog. That is the Prologue; it has since been changed, so it’s not exactly what I sent in to be published.


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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