Trip to Lancaster

We are back from our very quick trip to Lancaster! We got down there Tuesday around noon and were able to have lunch with our Stateside Director, Joe Dukes. We spent time with a good friend, Chip Griepsma, before heading out to have dinner with Carlos and Marion and a pastor friend of theirs. Tuesday evening, we attended a get-together for a couple different church groups who have recently been to Peru on missions trips. We met quite a few people who have just returned from Peru (got back Sept. 29) and are very fired up about the work down there. We were also able to have time to talk just with Carlos and Marion and get some more information on what exactly we’ll be doing, some cultural differences, and some expectations. It was an extremely profitable (albeit, short!) trip. It was so good to see them in person.

We are officially beginning the visa process now! We’ve been saying that for awhile, but seriously – we have begun! We will be traveling a few times to the nearest Peruvian consulate and getting things like our passports notarized in the very near future. Brian will begin work on our will, which will involve another trip to Lancaster in order to work with a BCM lawyer. Looks like a little more traveling is in our near future!

We are also in contact with a few more churches about support. You can be praying that one or all of these churches will at least let us come and speak! If your church has not had us in yet and you think they would be interested in having us come, please let us know! Our email address is under “Brief Autobiographies”, to the left. Thanks to the get-together of “Peru goers” we may have picked up some additional financial support and we definitely picked up prayer support. It never ceases to amaze how the maintenance ministry Brian will be doing resonates with so many people. We have a wonderful contact now who is a mechanic in the Lancaster area. He has promised to send Brian down – for free (shipping and everything!) – any mechanic supplies he might need! That is a HUGE blessing since some tools and parts just won’t be available down there. This is a gentleman who would like to return to Peru, so Carlos has already set up a few jobs for him and Brian to do together. One of which includes getting a van to Iquitos. That doesn’t sound horrible, except that getting to Iquitos requires either an hour and a half plane ride OR two days on a bus and four days on a boat. Getting a van to Iquitos, at the moment, sounds impossible! We’ll see how God figures that one out.

We were very encouraged by our time down in Lancaster. It is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS a blessing to go to BCM Headquarters and be encouraged by people. Talking directly with Carlos and Marion has also cleared up some “unknowns” and made us even MORE excited to just get this show on the road!!

I didn’t get good pictures, but here are a few of the gathering in Lancaster. The next few shots are down in Gettysburg. Neither of us had ever gone and since we were so close, we decided to just go for the afternoon on Wednesday! Definitely worth the trip.

a partial view of the group gathered Tues. It was hard to get a good picture!

This is Shantal Odicio with Jordan.

Brian proving he made it to Gettysburg finally!

Me in the “Devil’s Den.” It was quite deep, actually!

The two of us on the top of Little Round Top.

A neat picture near the wheatfields where the majority of the battle took place.

Back to Little Round Top, looking down on Devil’s Den.

One of the many, many monuments around Gettysburg.

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