Stateside Meeting

Tomorrow, we are leaving to go to Lancaster to meet briefly with our Peruvian director. They are Stateside for about a week and we are looking forward to getting in touch with them in person for the first time since we started this journey!

Carlos and Marion Odicio are our Peruvian Directors. Carlos is Peruvian; Marion is Dutch. They have been working in Peru together since the mid-1990’s. Lisa has known them since she was a kid since their Stateside sending church is the church she grew up in Vermont. But, Lisa hasn’t seen them since her trip to Peru in 2001. Brian has never met them in person. They have four children: Grace (a little older than Lisa) who is in Holland; Jonatan (pictured below), working in Peru; Jared (junior high age); and Laura (elementary school, born with Down’s Syndrome).

With them on this trip is their son, Jonatan, and his wife, Shantal, and their newborn son, Jordan (born this summer). Lisa met Jonatan when we were in elementary school and he still only spoke Dutch. Now, he is probably the best translator available in Peru, with his knowledge of Spanish, English, and Dutch. He works in mobilization and evangelism. We are looking forward to spending time with them since they are newly married and close to our age.

 This will be a quick trip – home on Wednesday – but hopefully it will be profitable! We’ll be sure to bring our camera. We are also meeting with a bunch of other “Peru Goers” Tuesday evening. This includes people who are heading to Peru soon (Adam and Becky Weiss, from the Philadelphia area – their blog is linked to the left, Weiss Weblog) and those who frequently go to Peru on missions trips. Should be fun!


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