Another Update on India

We just received a new update on Orissa straight from our BCM President. I have copied the letter below. This was sent to BCM missionaries worldwide. Dr. Dalavai is our Asian director. Rev. Nayak is the director for Orissa. Please keep these people in your prayers, even if it’s just a short one-liner while you’re reading this. I keep going back to Daniel’s story of praying for two weeks for an answer, and even though the angel was dispatched immediately, he was held up by the Prince of Persia and had to fight before getting there. “The effective, fervent prayer of the righteous avails much!!”

Dr Dalavai and Rev. Adrusta Rao went to Orissa to meet with Rev. Nayak and our Pastors on Saturday, 20th and Sunday, 21st September 2008 . In spite of some security difficulties, they were able to meet briefly with 27 of our pastors. One pastor arrived after eleven days of walking and crossing three mountains. I also address the pastors via cell phone for a few brief minutes, assuring them of our continued prayer support and God willing some help.

The out come is that BCM India will be starting a relief Camp outside of Orissa  at an undisclosed location and hope to be able to host minimum 100 people maximum 200 people.  These include all the Pastors families who are effected.


We are currently working out details and funding for the safe evacuation of about 140 people, and the establishing of the temporary location, housing, and meals (twice a day) for the next two months.


We praise God that none of the Pastors have lost their fervor to serve the Lord.  Their faces reflect desperation most of them did not have sleep for days they need physical and spiritual strength which can be provided in our relief camp God willing.  Let us take this as a Project with lot of commitment and sacrifice.  We on our part doing our best to rise to the occasion locally. Hopefully starting relief Camp by October 1 week.




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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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