BCM Annual Banquet

Friday evening, we had the opportunity to attend BCM Annual Banquet, held in Lancaster County. We were so thankful we went. The above view is just half of the people that attended; a whole other group was behind us. The Banquet was a fundraiser for BCM International. There was a whole program, complete with a special singer, a ventriloquist, a special speaker, and a video presentation of BCM. The President, Marty Windle, spoke about PAM (Philadelphia Area Ministries), the IMC (International Ministry Center- our headquarters), and the crisis in India. He then encouraged people to give to one of those three ministries.

Marty Windle, President of BCM International

Afterwards, we had the chance to talk with our Director and some other friends from BCM. It was probably the most encouraging time we’ve had in months. There is a man in BCM who is probably one of the people that Brian looks up to most. He literally exudes the light of God. You cannot be near him and not know he is a believer. He didn’t say much to us, but what he did say was so encouraging. Without us even explaining our current situation, he said, “We’re praying for you. Don’t get discouraged. You will get there. We’re behind you in this. Don’t give up!” He said more, but that was the general idea of our conversation. Basically, that is what every conversation that night consisted of. We really needed to hear that from people who have been there, done that, and succeeded. One thing Brian pointed out is that everyone in BCM is always positive; we have never heard anyone say anything negative about support raising or ministry. It’s just always encouraging to be around people in BCM.

Marty reiterated again how serious the situation is in India. We continue to ask for your prayers. He said that the work in Orissa is basically over. Everything is gone; there is nothing left to show for the work that was done in Orissa… except for the people. They will not destroy the church because the church is not a building. They are still alive and they will rebuild. It will probably not be in this generation, but their children will rebuild. Continue to pray; even the director of Asia is currently in hiding and is on a Hindu “hit-list.”

We have three more churches that we might be able to speak at soon. Please pray with us about this. It would mean some more traveling in the months to come.

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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