Update on India

Here is another update I received from Marty Windle, President of BCM International. In his words, here is the latest from India:

Dear Fellow Believers:
Greeting. It is 10:20 pm, and together with our Board Chairman and Vice Chairman I just finished talking and praying with Dr Dalavai about the Orissa situation in India. I promised you an update, so here is the latest in the spiritual battle happening there…
Exact numbers of displaced believers are not available in the current chaos, but it appears that as many as 50,000-100,000 are homeless, taking refuge in the refugee centers, or hiding in the jungles or homes of sympathetic neighbors. We had thought earlier today that two BCM churches had survived, but now confirm that all of the BCM churches are gone, ransacked, burned or blown up. Our BCM pastor’s homes are gone. Our BCM believer’s (there are about 3,000 of them) homes are all gone—ransacked and burned. The radical Hindus have stated that they will cleanse Orissa of all Christians, and are systematically targeting all churches, beating and killing pastors and believers. They stated publically that they have found and shot Rev Nayak, our BCM district supervisor. The situation in neighboring Hyderabad (where our main offices are located) is no longer safe.
BUT THEY LIED about Rev Nayak. He is alive and well, escaping before they arrived at his house. And they lied about the church too. Yes, the buildings are all gone, but the church is still there, and they send a message,”Tell the people that the church is still alive. Tell them we are here. Tell them to pray for us. We will rebuild every church, if not in our generation, then in our children’s generation!” The report tonight was that none have recanted their faith or converted to Hinduism.
OUR BCM pastors and families are safe for the present at several locations within Orissa. None have yet been killed. WE have lost only three believers to death so far. Pray for us in BCM in the next days, for safety of leaders and wisdom for decisions. A large group of children have come under our care because of the current events. They are without families or homes. Their future is uncertain.  Pray for their protection and provision.
Thank you for praying,
Marty Windle 
Marty has also asked that we pass along this information to our U.S. Representatives and Senators. Most have remained silent about the issue, but a few are now standing up. You can read about that here: http://www.assistnews.net/Stories/2008/s08090038.htm After clicking on this link, you will find other links to click on that will bring you to current Indian Christian news. I found a whole site that is nothing but pictures from Orissa taken in the last couple of weeks. To go directly there, click here: http://picasaweb.google.com/Abhiram.Singh/KandhamalGenocide?authkey=dZS10bfz0RA#
Thanks for your prayers. Again, we’ll keep you posted.

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We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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