Itinerary…Or Lack Thereof…

Another beginning of the month means another monthly report from BCM to see where we’re at financially. Today we also talked to our Personnel Director, who for the time being is our immediate director while we’re still in the States. Lots of news… here’s where we’re at:

Our support level has remained the same since about April. Not a bad thing, but it’s not 100%. We must have 100% to leave. Since we’re not there, there is no way we can leave this month (which has been our plan for the past year). So, we’re not sure when we’re going to leave. Our first prayer request right now is to pray with us as we decide on a specific date for our departure. We’ve been asked to set the date and submit it to our Personnel Director and our Peruvian Director for approval, then we will announce it and finish making our plans and raising the rest of our support. We have no idea when the Lord would have us there, but we know He will make it very clear. Kind of intimidating to set a specific date, but if God can reveal Himself to us… I’m sure He can give us a date.

Brian will also begin doing some paperwork type stuff for us, like our will, and we will begin the visa process immediately since we’re not sure how long that’s going to take. All of that is Prayer Request #2. We’re sure gonna need wisdom. We’ve never done any of this before!!

And then, of course, there’s the whole transitioning. We’ve been planning for a year to leave this month and since that’s not going to happen, it’s like a balloon is slowly being deflated of its helium. It’s with mixed emotions that we are setting aside this first departure date. We’re kind of glad to be here for a little while longer; kind of sad that we won’t be there as soon as we’d hoped. We’re anxious to get started and we’re not going to be able to this month. Bummer.

We’re already seeing some positive, though. The main thing we thought of tonight occurred to us after our small group. Raising support is so much more than finances. We also need just people support! We need people to encourage us and be there for us. Our small group didn’t meet all summer and we really missed it. We picked up again tonight and one of the questions we talked about was what we’d like the small group to do for us personally. I said I’d like to just have a place to release and talk about what all is going on in our lives. When we left, Brian and I both agreed that maybe God is keeping us here so we can build those necessary relationships that we didn’t get a chance to build all summer. We’re going to need people, before we go, while we’re gone, and whenever we’re home on furlough. We’re going to need a place to come back to in two years and talk about all we’ve gone through and have a steady support system through it all. We don’t have those relationships in our sending church yet. Maybe now is the time we’ll get to build them. Kind of exciting when you think of it.

Our Personnel Director told us that when he gets discouraged, he looks at our monthly reports to remind himself of how God provides. He told us that since the Lord has provided so well so far and things have just come to a stand-still, then that must mean He doesn’t want us to leave yet. There is a reason we’re still here. He’ll finish bringing in the support when it’s time for us to go.

Our 3rd Prayer Request is for this Friday! We’re SO EXCITED! We’ve been invited to attend BCM’s Annual Banquet. But, we found out it’s more than that. It’s a fundraiser for missionaries. They’ve invited in business people from all over the area to come and hear about BCM and their missionaries, see our personal info, and consider supporting us financially. Not all of them are believers. But, they know what they’re walking into and they know what they’re going to be asked to do. Wow. Exciting, huh?? We’re really looking forward to the evening!

Prayer Request #4 – Continue to pray for India! We’ll post more info as soon as we know any.

We really would love to pray for you as well. It’s a 2-way street! If there’s something pressing in your life, please email us or call us. We’d love to pray with you. That’s what teams are for.

Thanks so much for caring about us and praying for us during this time of transition. You will never, ever know how much it means to us.


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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