Pray for Orissa, India

BCM International is just that – International. We have over 800 missionaries (with about 10 volunteers per missionary) in over 50 countries around the world. One of those countries that is the most thriving and has the most BCM workers is India. India, for those of you who didn’t realize it (because I didn’t realize it until this year) is extremely hostile towards Christianity.

Christmas Day, 2007, radical Hindus entered the Orissa province in Eastern India and attacked Christians, burned churches, and set pastors on fire. Many were thrown into prison and BCM lost quite a few believers and pastors and pretty much all of the churches in that area. Some pastors are still in hiding; some have been evacuated.

On August 28, a head Hindu leader was murdered. Hindus have blamed the Christians and the violence has erupted yet again. All the BCM pastors and their families are homeless and living somewhere in the jungle. The man who started BCM India, Rev. D. K. Nayaks, and his family are also living in the jungle right now. Our president, Marty Windle, is working with the Asia director, Dr. Dalavai, to evacuate and relocate many of our pastors and believers in the area. But, with how dangerous it is, they can’t get in there to even find our people right now.

We don’t hear a lot about persecution in the States. This will never hit the news in America. But, it’s real and it’s happening right now. Please pray for the believers in Orissa State in India. There are many more denominations and organizations over there in trouble as well. Many pastors are fleeing for their lives, in prison, or have already been martyred and their families are living in the jungle. Please pray!

They would love to rebuild and start over, but that will take more money than they currently have at the moment. If you would like to donate, visit for more information.


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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