I thought I would enter a fun post this week…Not everything is about support raising (although there are days when it feels that way!).

Brian and I share a birthday, in case you didn’t know that. We turned 25 and 24, respectively (guess who’s older…) yesterday – the 18th of August. It was pretty fun day – complete with shopping and a NEW camera! Brian was very generous and got us a camera for our birthday. It actually does DISTANCE at NIGHT! Go figure. I’m very excited because it shoots video as well, so when we get to Peru, it’ll be easy to shoot video of life down there to post for you all. Fun fun! So, here’s some pictures from our birthday. Mostly of the amazing cheesecake I made. Our only tradition is a new cheesecake every year. This year was chocolate caramel topped cheesecake and, I must say, it rivals restaurant cheesecakes. Quite impressive. 🙂

Cheesecake Before…

Raw egg does not dissuade me.

Putting on the final touches: crumbled pecan shortbread cookies, melted chocolate, and caramel ice cream topping. Wow.

Brian with his birthday present.

If you don’t like cheesecake, this one would change your mind. Quickly.

So good, even Gunther wanted some! 🙂

We are not obsessed AT ALL with cheesecake… in case you were wondering.

So, seriously, it was a great couple of days celebrating together. My parents have left this morning for a short vacation, so we’re home by ourselves, getting ready to finally sort through our stuff downstairs. Tonight, though, we’re the “host house” for about 30 pro golfers. The PGA national tour is in Moscow this week and the chaplain wanted someplace to do a Bible study with them. My parents’ house is 1.8 miles from the golf course…quite convenient. So, right now, Brian’s outside helping set up for all these pro-golfers to show up in half an hour! It’s days like this that we both wish we were more athletic. Or liked golf.


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