Camps: Week #1

Our second week ever of being “missionaries of the week” for camps is coming to a close tomorrow. In SD, we only had to speak two days…here, we’re doing all 5 days! But, I have to admit, it’s been a blast. I am going to get some pictures taken tomorrow and post them so you can see a little of what we did this week.

To give kind of an overview of our lessons, we did an “around the world in missions.” Since we haven’t been on the field yet, our speaking on Peru is kind of short! So, on Monday, we talked about what a missionary is and does. We looked at Mark 16:15, Acts 1:8, and Romans 1:16. The kids learned that God will give them power, everyone is to go, and we are not to be embarrassed to talk about the Lord. I showed them a giant penny and explained how Lincoln freed people from slavery and missionaries free people from sin. Also, a missionary is..ready for this? “One Sent.” hehe..

Tuesday, we talked about tribal missions. Since we both went to New Tribes Bible Institute, we had plenty to draw from! Brian found a giant, inflatable, beach ball globe that we’ve been using every day to show the kids where all the countries are. We talked about Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, Thailand, and Brazil and how there are still people left in the world without a Bible in their own language. We looked at the story in Acts where Paul spoke in Athens about the “Unknown God” and explained that the missionaries who go to tribes are not teaching them something foreign…they’re telling them about the God they’ve been looking for all these years! They also learned that in a tribe in Papua New Guinea, Jesus had twelve turtles at one point! Which, in that tribe, meant He was twelve years old. 🙂

Wednesday, we “went” to Europe and Asia. We showed the kids the verse in Deuteronomy where it says that we are to teach our children about all the Lord has done so we don’t forget about Him. Well, the people in Europe, who sent out missionaries and translated the Bible – did not obey that command and now, they have forgotten about God. We talked for a minute about Islam, but that got WAY off track with kids asking, “What does Allah look like??” 🙂 I ended with a poster in Japanese that depicts the character for “Righteousness.” In Japanese, in order to write it, you have to first draw the character for “Lamb” and then put it over the character for “I” (or “me”). Lamb over Me = Righteousness. Pretty cool, huh? And they have no idea the significance when they use that word!

Today was Peru! Brian did a wonderful job with our PowerPoint presentation. He inserted some video clips of a Compartiendo so the kids could get a feel for what those are like. The kids LOVED it! They really enjoyed learning about Peru today. At the end of the lesson, I showed them a picture of a tiny, little frog called “El Coquis” that lives in Puerto Rico. The male sings like a bird! But, when people take him off the island, he stops singing and dies. I explained to the children that a missionary should never be like El Coquis! We need to be able to go “out of our comfort zone” and still be able to sing and share Jesus with people.

Tomorrow, we’re covering the persecuted church and the kids will learn what a “martyr” is by reading through part of Stephen’s story in Acts. I found a great website that, if you have kids, you should definitely check out! I’m all about Voice of the Martyrs and they have a children’s link: Check it out! It’s pretty cool. The last example I’ll have for tomorrow is the story of Mr. W and the servant. Mr. W gets very sick and there’s only one physician in the world who has the cure. He sends the cure with his servant, but his servant keeps getting distracted and eventually, Mr. W dies without the cure. We are sent by the Lord to bring His salvation to a dying world, but how many times do we get distracted and people die before they hear? It’s our job, but we’re not going!

The most rewarding part about this week, though, was definitely today when a little girl (who I also had in Released Time!) came up to me and said, “I invited my friend _____ to Day Camp and she’s coming tomorrow!! I even told her a little about God!” She was SO EXCITED! Brian and I were just ecstatic that our missions challenge – that they can be missionaries NOW – was actually getting through to them. 🙂 I have a little poster board that has the word “PREPARE” on it and then things the kids can do to prepare to be a missionary. It goes like this: Pray to the Lord; Read your Bible every day; Exercise and Eat right; Practice skills; Attend church and Sunday school; Read true missionary stories; Expect God to use you NOW! Pretty cool, huh?

We leave Sunday after church for Camp Sankanac and I am really looking forward to it. Brian…not so much. 🙂 120 girls apparently makes him a tad uncomfortable. 🙂 I will be giving my missions testimony both Sunday and Monday evenings and then we will be teaching twice a day (two different groups) Monday through Friday. You can be praying for us! We’re thoroughly enjoying this, but it’s still tough keeping everyone’s attention.

Well – I will get some pictures posted tomorrow evening! Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into camp!


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