“Home” Again

We made it back to PA Sunday evening! Hard to believe this trip is already over. We stopped in Minneapolis and had a great time with three friends from CIT. Then, we went to Iowa to visit a friend of mine from high school and her husband, who are not only supporting us, but are also headed to Hungary for a month for a missions trip of their own! We helped them move and just enjoyed spending time with them. Then, we traveled two more days to get back to PA. God has been very gracious to us, yet again, with all our travels. We saw one accident on the whole 4-day, cross-country trip, and it was in PA during a horrible (4-hr.) rain storm!

This week is our last prep week before heading into two full weeks of camps. Just so you know how to be praying for us…

  • We need to finish preparing 7 different missions lessons, for a huge age range of children (about 5-16 yr. olds), plus find PowerPoint and props for each of those days. We have one week to finish up because we begin next Monday at 11:30 AM!
  • Next week, we are here in Lake Ariel doing a Child Evangelism Fellowship Day Camp. If you were at our wedding reception, this day camp will be held under that same pavilion. What’s exciting about this camp is that many of the children are the same ones that I taught this school year during Released Time classes, so it’ll be good to challenge them yet again for missions! This time, with my husband next to me. I always think it has a bigger impact on children when they see a man serving the Lord as well.
  • The following week, the first full week of August, we will be heading down to a BCM Camp in Pughtown, PA, called Camp Sancanak, for a week of an all-girls camp (they very wisely split the boys and girls up during the summer). We will have around 120 7-16 yr. old girls. We do two different chapel times and then 5 days of lessons, with all the girls together. Be praying for wisdom because that’s a big age range! We want to keep everyone’s attention and do an appropriate challenge for all ages.
  • Once all that is over, we will be going through all our earthly possessions and dividing stuff up, having yet another yard sale, and repacking everything so it can either store or eventually be shipped down to us. No, we aren’t taking anything right away except a few suitcases a piece, but we do want stuff accessible in case we end up needing stuff.
  • The goal is to leave by the end of September, but we CANNOT get there without the rest of our monthly support! If you are thinking about supporting us NOW is the time. BCM has to see a consistent flow of 100% monthly support BEFORE we can go. Unlike other boards, they will not even consider letting us go to the field under-supported. We need about $500 more in monthly support. Will you consider praying about this and joining our team?

Here’s a few more pictures from our trip. Thanks for holding us up in prayer this last month! Continue to pray for us…the next few months are going to FLY BY!

This is out at a dam called Orman Dam, outside of Belle Fourche, right at sunset. It was so pretty that evening, in spite of the millions of mosquitoes!

One of our favorite spots on earth is right here – Iron Creek Lake, outside of Spearfish, SD. It’s quiet and beautiful and just an amazing testament to what our Lord did when He created this beautiful world.


This little girl is Luxona. She was our goddaughter while we lived out in Belle Fourche. With us moving to South America, though, this is yet another thing we’ve had to let go. Her mother would prefer her be raised here in the States if something happens to her. She’ll always hold a very special place in our hearts, though.



This is Luxona’s sister, CeCe. We would take and raise both of these precious little girls if we could! They are such a joy in our hearts.



Here is most of Brian’s side of the family! From left to right – grandparents, Kenny and Lorene, Jeremy (missing wife, Amanda), Nicholas (with a dog named Angel), Howard (Brian’s dad), Cindy (Brian’s mom), Brian, Scott, Scott’s girlfriend Christine (with a dog named Koolio). All that’s missing is Amanda and another brother named Patrick (pictured in a different blog entry).




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We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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