God’s Provisions.

I do not have pictures to upload at the moment….so, I want to first apologize to all you who only read blogs with pictures. I will upload pictures this week, though! Trust me. 🙂

I wanted to share with you all God has done for us this week. First off, I’m writing on our new laptop! Many of you probably didn’t even know we needed a laptop, so I’ll back up a tad. We bought a wonderful desktop two years ago, never thinking we’d be moving out of the country. Last year, when we moved from PA, we desperately wanted a laptop instead of the desktop, but just couldn’t afford it with the move and all that. Then, we needed one for school in February, and again, couldn’t afford it, so we lugged our desktop down to North Carolina. We’re out in SD, with our desktop, desperately wondering how this is gonna play out!

My wonderful husband decided to do something that just makes me want to cry. His first car was a ’76 (’74?? I honestly can’t remember…) Pontiac Firebird. It was his baby. He and his father worked on it together and he actually got it up and running for the first time last spring. He wanted to hang onto it, in hopes that some day, he’d get to work on it again. The more we look at our future, though, the more we realize that this is not to be. So, he sold it. Thankfully, he sold it to his little brother who just turned 16 and has helped Brian work on the car since he bought seven years ago. No, he didn’t get the money out of it that it’s worth. No, he won’t be able to custom design it. No, he won’t get to race it, drive it, or have the privilege of owning it. But, in the long run, I guess it doesn’t really matter. So, because of Brian’s awesome sacrifice, we were able to buy a laptop. Patrick’s first downpayment on the car paid for our laptop…and then some.

You all know our car dilemma. We’ve been car-less since we sold the Blazer two weeks ago. We’ve been borrowing cars and frantically looking for a vehicule in our meager price range. We’ve been praying that the Lord would make this very clear to us – that there would be no doubt in our minds when it came down to the car. Because of our price range, honestly, we knew it would not be in the best condition, but we need to make sure the work that will have to be done Brian can do himself and that it will get us across country. The first car we thought about purchasing neither of us were completely satisifed with. And then we found out that the reason why was because the short it kept having in the fuse box would eventually cause an engine fire! Oh goodness. Glad we got out of that! The next vehicle we seriously considered, the Lord was obviously in it from the get-go. Yes, it needs work. No, we currently can’t drive it now because it has some issues. But, Brian and my father-in-law can do all the repairs. It runs wonderfully except for minor snafoos (my sister’s favorite word). It gets great gas mileage. It’s comfortable. And it’ll resell in PA fairly easily. What’s really funny is that Brian has always told my dad he’d love to have his Buick Lesabre (granted, it’s fairly new). Well, guess what! That’s what we got!! We got a wonderful (albeit, purple) 1994, top of the line, Buick Lesabre. Not exactly the same car my parents drive, but close! We even have a tape deck.

Then, this morning, we spoke in the two morning services at the Christian Life Center. You ever been in a service where you just know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Lord is present? You ever been so consumed with the presence of God that you just want to fall on His face and worship? You ever been moved to tears by a worship time in a church service? That was our morning. The Lord is moving in that church in ways that are palpable and unexplainable and we were so excited to be a part of it today. We don’t know the totals yet, but we do know that we are well on our way to having our house paid for and our monthly support should now be nearing 100%.

My God is faithful. I sure hope yours is, too.

So, how was your week?


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

One thought on “God’s Provisions.”

  1. I took time on the 4th to listen to the song ‘My Jesus’ and read your comments. The words are powerful-and so were your comments. May your heart remain tender to our loving Lord.

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