Our 3rd Anniversary

We celebrated three wonderful years of marriage yesterday! Hard to believe three years are already past. We celebrated by having a nice, leisurely breakfast, then headed to Rapid City (about an hour from where we’re staying in Belle Fourche) for the afternoon. We went to the South Dakota Air and Space Museum and then out to dinner at a place in Rapid that serves probably the world’s best prime rib. In our humble opinion. It was nice, relaxing day and we really enjoyed it. Here’s a few pics of the museum and the park we went to after dinner. Enjoy!

Oh, and an update on our friends – they have decided to adopt! I’m pretty sure they will now be calling Ava – Sadielynn Mae Maldonado. Nothing is final yet, but at least the hard decision is finally made. We’re very happy for them! You can continue to pray that the adoption will go smoothly in the weeks ahead.

While we waited in the car for the restaurant to open for dinner, it stormed like crazy. It hailed and downpoured for about 20 minutes straight! The hail sounded huge, but when Brian finally got ahold of a piece, it was actually pretty small. This piece is already melted quite a bit, but it wasn’t a whole lot bigger than that to begin with. But, when it hails for that long and that hard, it sounds horrendous! We heard there were marble sized hail a few miles away. But, once the storm cleared out, it was hot and humid the rest of the evening! Gotta love South Dakota weather.



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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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