Quick Thoughts…

I have been under the impression that many of you have not watched the video I posted on May 21 (just click on that date on the right to get there). The beginning is, for the most part, kind of….fruity. Especially if you’ve been a believer for any length of time. HOWEVER, it gets better. Much, much, much better. The ending is amazing. It gets deeper, don’t worry. If you watch it, leave a comment. I’d love to know what you think. Watch it. You’ll be impressed.


On another note: I’d like to introduce you to Ava. We are staying with close friends, Hexon and Terri, and this is their foster daughter. We can’t share with you pretty much any information because of HIPPA and other State laws, but basically, she has some pretty serious medical problems. Our friends also have some big decisions to make coming up about her future. The Lord has promised to grant both wisdom and healing if we only ask. So, will you ask with us? He may not heal the way we would like Him, too, but that’s not our decision or our problem. He only wants us to ask. And He DOES promise wisdom, regardless of the circumstances. Just as you read this, can you drop a pray for the Maldonado family? Thank you! They have been such a blessing to us (even letting us housesit for them for two weeks while they go on vacation) over the past three years; hopefully this is a way we can bless them.

Some of you may not be aware of the flooding that has occurred out here as well as further East in the…midwest. That sounds funny. Anyway – here in Belle Fourche, we have a river and a couple of creeks. They have been in a drought for the past twelve years. That drought has been substantially broken! 🙂 The river crested last week when we got a ton of rain in 24 hours. These are just a couple pictures of the area.



The water has gone down considerably this week, but it was declared a state of emergency because there are three dams that are still about to break. If two of them go, they will wipe out two towns. If the third goes, downtown Belle Fourche will be filled with water! That’s hard to even picture since it hardly rained at all the two years we lived out here!! This second picture is of our baseball diamond/rodeo grounds. They were under water pretty much all week. Normally, the river is hardly even visible as it goes by the grounds. Pretty incredible! But, at least all of it is repairable and we did not get the tornadoes other parts of the midwest did.

For those of you who read this immediately, we are expecting someone to come by and look at and possibly buy our Blazer today. This would be one huge answer to prayer if it leaves with him! Another blessing from Hexon and Terri – they are going to let us use their other car while they’re gone and we look for a new one, if the Blazer sells. We’ll let you know what happens! 🙂


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We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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