The set-up at the VBS we worked in this week. Their theme was Hawaiian -called “Outrigger Island.” About 100 kids participated, ages 3 to those who just finished the 6th grade. The junior high and high school participated in work activities around the community all week.




The entire group got together first thing in the morning to sing their songs. They had a theme song for each day to go along with the truths they were learning. They had truths like “God is real”, “Jesus is God’s Son”, and “The Bible is true.”





They had motions to go with each song and this one said that they were glad to know Jesus as Savior and if you can read the screen, it says, “I want the whole world to know Who Jesus is!” It was neat seeing 100+ kids singing this song as loud as they could!



Here’s another view of all the kids during the Friday morning drama time.





And…here’s us! We talked on Wednesday about tribes in Papua New Guinea who heard about Jesus for the first time in 2001. We talked today about what we’ll be doing in Peru with Compartiendos (kids outreaches). We had five different sessions, so at least we didn’t have all the kids all at once! Both days we challenged the children to be missionaries right now. We took them to Mark 16:15 where it says to “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” We explained to them that if your parents give you a command, it’s not optional. So, a command from Jesus is not optional, either! And, Jesus doesn’t give an age. We are to all go – no matter how old we are! It was neat to see every age group get excited about sharing with their friends this summer the things they learned at VBS this week.

There is a possibility of speaking at two more churches while we’re traveling! We’d love it if you kept that in prayer for us! You can also continue to pray about our car situation. We still have the good ol’ Blazer, but we’d really like something cheaper to drive, especially if we’ll be traveling more when we’re done out here.

Keep in touch with us! We love hearing from you. Thanks for the prayers. They are greatly appreciated!

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

One thought on “Pictures!”

  1. It is good to “see” you guys – what an awesome opportunity to share about missions with the little ones! Praise the Lord for all these “little” blessings – will be praying for the rest of your journey and the car stuff…
    Love you guys!

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