Be Prepared!

We were warned during candidate orientation that we needed to be prepared to do anything at a moment’s notice during deputation. We did not realize how literal that was until these last few weeks! Now, even more so! 🙂 We went to a wedding today for a couple friends and the pastor that officiated is pastor of the church we’ll be speaking at on the 29th. He and the coordinator for the VBS this coming week (another of my good friends) asked if we would be willing to help. Well..I’m always up for working with kids! So, this coming week, I will be teaching Monday and Tuesday (kinda filling in for someone who can’t be there due to a death in the family) the Bible story for 5th and 6th graders (not my forte, but hey! why not?). Wednesday, Brian and I will be doing missionary story time for all four age groups (about 80-100 children total) all morning. Friday, the pastor asked Brian if he could take his place and coordinate the entire day! Brian will be in charge of making sure everyone gets to where they need to go, the missionary times, and whatever else is needed! Craziness. We’re excited, though. We love working with kids. Kinda what we do best, I’d say! We’ll even get to leave our display up the whole week. Fun!

The friends we’re staying with have also asked their pastor if we could get him some information. He is excited to receive it and will be presenting it to his elder board Monday evening! They may not be able to support us, but they might let us at least present. Very exciting!

Our time at CIT is already proving to be helpful. As much as we’re loving being out here, with family and good friends, it’s not the same. I’m having a harder time than Brian, to be quite honest. We are staying less than a mile from our old home and we drive past it every day. Our good friends are having a baby right around the time we’re planning on leaving, so we’ll only get to see the baby if she goes a little earlier. It’s only been ten months and yet some things have already really changed. Thankfully, we were ready for this! We understand that separation and grieving are all part of the process. I was talking with Terri (our friend we’re staying with) about home yesterday. We’ve both moved around a lot and I said, “You know, honestly, if someone asks me where ‘home’ is, I want to say heaven. And yet, so many people just don’t accept that answer. But, honestly…that’s where home is now. That’s what I look forward to and that’s where I want to be. What’s so wrong with that?” Yes, we’re looking forward to our house and home in Peru, but honestly…if home is where your heart is…my home is heaven. We found out this week that my grandfather is not doing so well and yet, he doesn’t mind because he’s ready to go home, to see Jesus and his wife. What an awesome hope that is! I’m actually a little jealous…

Anyway – that’s my little rant this Saturday evening. If you think of us, be praying that we’ll have even more opportunities to present our ministry and to minister to others while we’re out here. Brian has already done some repairs for our friends and he’s helping someone move this evening. I am constantly in awe of his servant heart!

No pictures for now; this isn’t our computer. You’re just stuck reading! 🙂


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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