Hello Everyone! We are safely in Wisconsin and have been since Thursday. We had a great time visiting my family. It’s always good to see aunts, uncles, and cousins. We leave tomorrow morning, bright and early, for our twelve hour drive to Belle Fourche, SD. We were glad for this reprieve before jumping into life in SD. Should be a good month!

In other news…we have an update on our housing situation in Peru. We had been thinking that we would be put in a guest house on the Bible Institute campus for the first two years and then we would need to raise money to build our own home on campus. However, we talked with Carlos, our director, and he and Marion, his wife, want us to do something a little different.

Carlos explained that the guest house is quite central on campus, making it basically impossible for us to ever get away by ourselves. We would be in the middle of all the activity all the time, which can get quite exhausting. Also, the guest house is just that – a guest house. It was built for people to use for about two weeks at a time, not two years at a time. Carlos and Marion both would like us to actually feel at home as well while we’re in Peru. They want us to feel settled, have room to ourselves, and be able to adjust as quickly as possible. The best way to do that is for us to have our own home.

So, they have picked out three different plots of land on campus that we get to choose from in order to build our own home! Brian will be working on the entire project. This will be his first project in Peru and it will be used as his education time. He will have a team of men who will be working with him regularly and they will be the ones helping build our house. Brian will be learning how to build in Peru, how his team works, and even quite a bit of Spanish in the process.

We do need to raise $8000 in order to complete this project. They are expecting us in late September, so that gives us four months before we leave. We’ve seen God sell a house after four months and raise $7000 for school in four months…let’s see what else He can do in four months!! However, we do not need to have all of the $8000 to go in September. We can live in the guest house until the money is raised and the house is built. But, the sooner we can get it built, the better! Thankfully, this money will cover the entire cost of supplies and building, as well as furnishing the entire place. Amazing, isn’t it?

We weren’t sure what to think of this at first, but now, we are so excited. When we sold our house last year, we thought we wouldn’t have a place to call our own for at least another four years. If you’ve ever been displaced, you know that’s a long, long time. It’s hard to live in houses that aren’t yours and to never feel “at home” anywhere – especially in a foreign country! The fact that our director realized we needed the stability of home is amazing. They are going to let us pick out the paint, the furnishings, the design – everything! We are so very excited. This just shows us, yet again, that God supplies our needs as well as our wants, when they’re in accordance with His will.

If you would like to help us with this new project, let us know. We can get you the address for BCM International and the info that you will need. If you got our latest newsletter, you would have also received a slip to return to BCM if you choose to support us. The housing is not on that because we did not know about it then, so if you choose to give directly to housing OR directly to travel, please just mark it on a note you include in the envelope.

Above everything else, we ask for your prayers! We will be presenting our ministry in SD this month and we are excited to see what all God will do.

a house on campus

This is a newer house on campus; just an idea of what our new home might look like! Thanks for the picture, Adam!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

2 thoughts on “Housing”

  1. Yeay for your own house! I’m so excited for you guys! That will be great. Can’t wait to be “neighbors” someday… hopefully… 🙂 We’ll be praying!

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