GuntherWe finally look like we have some plans for this summer! Here’s what our summer is looking like so far…

  • Leave for SD between May 21-23 (all depends on a vehicle at this point)
  • Speak at Christian Life Center in Belle Fourche, SD, on June 29, in both AM services
  • Be “Missionaries of the Week” for a CEF Day Camp here in PA for a week in July (dates to be determined)
  • Be “Missionaries of the Week” for Camp Sancanak (a BCM Camp in Pughtown, PA) the week of August 3-9

So, between all of that, plus speaking in small groups, we should be quite busy. There is a chance of speaking in a church in Kansas during our SD trip and a chance of speaking at a church in Florida before we fly to Peru officially, but neither of those are confirmed yet. We ask for your prayers! We’re very excited to get this summer started.

We have a small lead on a car, but nothing yet. Please continue to pray about it and if you know of something we might be able to look into, please drop us a line!



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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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