May has started out differently than we thought it would be. We thought we had our plans pretty well narrowed down for May, but naturally, God’s plans aren’t ours. Why does it take us so long to learn that? Not that any of this is bad, it’s just different!

We now know that our official speaking date in Belle Fourche, SD, is June 29th. It was supposed to be in May, but thankfully, the pastor actually wanted us to have more than two minutes in one service, so he asked if we could come later. This is really no problem, except Brian has family coming into town in May that we would like to see. So, the decision now is: when do we leave and how long will we be gone?? We’re pretty sure we’ll be gone for at least a month. We just don’t know when that month will start!

The car situation we asked you to pray about still is not resolved. Brian has a few leads, so just pray that something will come of those! We know God has the vehicle out there that we need, we just need to be patient and rest in Him.

We’ve had a wonderful time being back in PA. It’s different being back; we miss our friends from CIT greatly. But, we’ve had opportunities to speak at a couple small groups and we’ve really enjoyed that. It’s been great because a lot of the cultural training we’ve had really coincides with the changes that are going on at our home church. So, we’ve been able to shed kind of a new perspective on these changes and we’re thankful they’re letting us talk about it.

***Lastly…I’m thinking about changing our blog address to something that’s a little easier to post pictures in. I think it would make it a little more interesting because pictures would be right there instead of having to click on links to view pictures. What do you think? Would that confuse you guys too much? Drop me an email or leave a comment. I’d like your thoughts before we do this for sure.

Be watching for our newsletter! It should be mailed out by the end of this week…which means you’ll get your hard copy in a couple more weeks (thanks, bulk mail!). If you’d rather get it via email (which is much faster!), let us know.


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

One thought on “May!”

  1. You can guess what I think…Having pictures up will help readers. The easier it is to view them the more likely it will be for people to see them.

    I can’t wait to hear you both speak tonight!

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