Language Week #2

We have entered our second and last week of “how to learn a language.” We met this evening with the phonetics pro to help us with sounds Spanish makes that English does not. Thankfully, Spanish is pretty straight-forward and the only sound I, personally, have trouble with is the “trilled ‘r'”…which he couldn’t help me with! Apparently, that’s something that either comes naturally or does not and I just have to practice; there’s no set rule for where to put your tongue and how to blow your air, like every other sound in the world. Frustrating!

The rest of this week will be continuing practice with our language helper (it’s amazing how much Russian I’ve picked up and how much Cebuano Brian has picked up in only a couple sessions!), figuring out how to make our sessions with language helpers more complex, and getting a game plan for when we get to the field and begin learning our language.

We had a wonderful Easter yesterday. We got up at six and went to a community sunrise service at seven with three other people CIT friends. There were about five churches represented, but only about 50 people showed up. Right before they began, the host pastor asked if there were any musicians in the house – anybody willing to play piano. I realized 10 minutes later that I had raised my hand and was seated at the piano staring at music I had never heard before! “Good thinking, Lisa,” just kept playing over and over in my head. I had thought the first song was the “…up from the grave He arose…” that we Baptists normally sing at Easter. I was horribly wrong. The pastor came over and sang it for me before we began and then I somehow had to muddle my way through it. It was actually really fun! The hymn book wouldn’t stay open, so another lady held it for me. I had to play like a little prelude (from a hymn book that had a surprising few songs that I knew) and then two songs, plus something for an altar call…spur of the moment. And yet, I was never nervous! It was actually really fun and I was glad to use my gift.

After that service, we had breakfast downstairs (with liver mush and biscuit sandwiches! Brian got brave and tried one…I skipped) and then took the other CIT students home. We went to our service at 9:30 and…somehow…it was over shortly after 10. They apparently take “short and to the point” quite seriously down here!

We had decided Saturday night to cook a meal together with the two single guys that are here. Sunday morning, that number of “four or five of us” grew to “everybody that’s here for the weekend that we can get ahold of.” Brian went to the grocery store with the two single guys and they bought whatever I had written down on a hasty list…and then I cooked. Brian made a ham and some rolls, I made the rest with the help of one of the other single girls. It was so fun! We had a nice community Easter lunch and it really felt like a nice holiday. Complete with a nap afterwards. 🙂

Now that I’ve bored you all with details from our weekend…feel free to “bore” us! We’d love to hear from you all. Even if we don’t get back to you personally (Geni 🙂 ), know that we read everything and are so encouraged by your comments, feedback, and prayers. In case you did not know, you can comment on these blogs without needing to create an account, as far as I know. Otherwise, just drop us an email. It’d be WONDERFUL to know who all is reading this!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

One thought on “Language Week #2”

  1. I wouldn’t have been brave enough to eat liver mush either. We had a wonderful service with the kids’ musical/ play. The kids, teens, and adults involved were great! I didn’t get a nap, I’m so envious. I’m glad that you had a great time even if you were away from home. Good job on the learning!
    Love, Heather and the boys 🙂

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