Tomorrow begins Language Acquisition! The Equipping Class was so wonderful; we’re really looking forward to learning how to learn another language successfully. We can’t believe how hard it was to say goodbye to the four people that left after the Equipping Class. We can now say “hello” to a few more (though we haven’t met them all yet) – and hopefully enjoy our time just as much.

We had a really nice, relaxing weekend. Made up for the awful weekend last week with the “flu-from-hell” that apparently is ransacking the country. Next time that happens, could someone warn us so we could take cover? 🙂 Anyway…

We enjoyed coffee and games Thursday afternoon with almost everybody and then a goodbye dinner for the few that were leaving. Friday, Brian and I finally cleaned up our small apartment! It was amazing how little we felt like doing this week… Saturday, the eight of us that are left from the Equipping Class felt a little claustrophobic, so we piled into two cars..and went to the mall. The mall in Asheville is pretty nice, but, well, still not exactly “out”! But, it was a nice afternoon. We went out for dinner that evening as well. Again, not exactly quite as advertised, but it was food!

This morning, Brian and I attended a teeny, tiny Presbyterian church down the street from school. We were planning on going last week, but that just did not happen! The church is absolutely the picture perfect small country church – I’ll have to get a picture of it. There were 10 other people there (all over 60 except for 3); us being there made 12! And we thought our church in South Dakota was small! 🙂 The people were incredibly welcoming! The pianist is actually a receptionist at CIT and retired from United World Mission (the mission that CIT is a part of). The people were so excited that we came and made us feel so welcome. We enjoyed the service and are looking forward to going back the rest of the time we’re here. We found out there’s a community sunrise service next week (my own personal favorite part of Easter). It’s being held at the Union Hills African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church (did that just make you go “huh?” It did us!) and apparently all the churches in this vicinity are invited. Should be totally different than what we’re used to – and we’re so excited. Should be fun!

Well – if you’d like to look at more pictures, there’s a few new ones on the facebook site:


Thanks for keeping in touch! Have a wonderful week…


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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