The Not-So-Fun Weekend

Well, I haven’t written in awhile because the illnesses at CIT finally caught up to me. We had a nice Friday evening and Saturday hanging out with people here, working on our paper, and Brian even had a “man’s day out” with a friend of ours on Saturday. But, by 2am Sunday morning, the flu hit me like I haven’t been hit in probably 10 years. I cannot remember being that sick. I was completely miserable for all of Sunday, Sunday night, and all day Monday. I’m finally doing better today, but I’m missing the afternoon class because I’m so worn out. If you think of it, you can pray for Brian. He’s had somewhat of a stomache ache all day today and he’s not feeling so well this afternoon. So far, pretty much everybody here has had some form of an illness and none of it has been pretty. Please keep us in prayer! I’d rather not get Brian’s cold and Brian would really rather not get my flu. We’ll see if that’s feasible.

That’s pretty much my only thoughts for now. My mind is still pretty fuzzy. I’m going to post some pictures on facebook this afternoon, so feel free to check those out. As soon as they’re up, I’ll post the link. Thanks for your prayers! We really need them these days.

Oh, this is the last week of our Equipping for Cross-Cultural Life and Ministry class. We end this class on Thursday and start Language Acquisition on Monday. We’re losing a few of our classmates and gaining a few more. Should be fun!

You can pray also that we’ll get our paper finished on time. With me being sick Sunday and Monday and not being able to concentrate, we have more to do on our paper than we’d hoped. Thankfully, we don’t have much left to do, but still…it’s quite the project either way.

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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