Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare has been the topic for us for the past couple of days. It was actually presented differently than I thought it would be. I assumed we would go over tactics on how to deal with the demonicly oppressed, how to deal with hands-on spiritual warfare, those kinds of things. However, instead, we focused more on ourselves. A great deal of spiritual warfare begins “at home.” We must take daily inventory of our own lives to make sure that we are not giving Satan a foothold. It’s interesting to note that a “foothold” is much more broad than we normally think. A “foothold” in Satan’s legalistic mind is anything – past or present, including family history that has not been renounced – that he thinks he has a right to exploit. If our lives are not in line with the Holy Spirit, Satan can get his foot in the door and try to do whatever he wants. He has a will, just like the Lord does, and he wants us to accomplish his will. Therefore, he will do whatever he can to get us to leave the Lord’s jobs on the side and do his work. That’s quite scary.

I know that Brian and I have encountered spiritual warfare, especially since moving to Pennsylvania. It’s a big deal; it’s coming in various forms. But, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt it’s real. We are actively making sure there is nothing in our lives that would make Satan think he has a foothold in our lives. But, we are also aware that Satan knows, like we do, that God has called us into this ministry. He does not want us to succeed, so he’s trying to make it not happen at all. We ask you to join our prayer team and stand by our sides and pray with us, not just now, but when we get to Peru as well. Peru is very animistic – meaning there is no distinction between the spirit world and the human world; everything is intertwined. Therefore, there’s quite a bit of demonic oppression. We are going there to work against the devil himself; I can’t imagine he’s happy about that. If you remember in the book of Daniel, Daniel prayed for an answer and it came 20 days later. He prayed intensely for 20 days without any answer at all. When an angel finally appeared to Daniel, he said that he’d been waylaid by the Prince of Persia – meaning, the demonic that was in charge of the Persian Empire. They were in battle and the angel had to have more warriors come to help him before he could continue on to Daniel. And then he said he had to return quickly because the Prince of Greece had joined the Prince of Persia in the fight. Sometimes, our answers to prayer don’t come as quickly as we’d like because there’s a real battle going on that we don’t see. Prayers need to be going up constantly! Please join us in this fight! We cannot do this alone.

On another note – for those of you wondering about our support, we were able to get in touch with a church in South Dakota, Christian Life Center, and we are to find out sometime this month what date we can come to speak in May! We are so excited to be returning to South Dakota this spring. We’re looking forward to speaking at CLC and seeing our friends again. You can continue to pray that God will open more doors for us to present our ministry – not just at churches, but wherever He will let us.

You can be praying also for our health. Brian spent the entire weekend very sick. He’s doing much, much better now, but I’m afraid I’ll contract this awful cold that’s flying around the campus and I’d really rather not! 🙂 For those of you reading this who know other people here, keep them in your prayers as well. Quite a few have been pretty sick the last week. It really puts a strain on learning. Thanks so much!


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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

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