Your worldview or mine?

I wasn’t going to post anything today, but then decided I’d just throw something out there for you to think about. We were going over worldviews today – basically, it’s the true heart, the core, of what motivates anyone to do anything. Your worldview can be shaped by your culture, but it’s not the same thing. We had to work through two scenarios today in class of worldview issues. They are also connected to spiritual warfare, but we had to figure out how we’d handle these situations if we were put into them. What would YOU do?

Scenario 1:

You are called one evening to come to a house where a young woman is under demonic influence. She has already beaten six men who tried to calm her. When you arrive, the room is full of people waiting to see if you can help the woman. After an hour of encounter the demon releases her, but she is physically exhausted. So, you arrange to meet with her and her family the following day. During the night, you are awakened by your seven year old daughter screaming in pain (later diagnosed as Shingles). Your five year old son is overwhelmed with nightmares of demonic monsters attacking him. As you leave the house the following morning, you discover evidence of an animal sacrifice and curse placed on your door.

*This happened to our instructor who was a missionary in Portugal for many years. He said stuff like this went on for weeks – always around 2 or 3 in the morning. Found out later, there was a coven praying against the missionaries in the area – of which he and his family were some of the only ones. It took 3 weeks for his daughter to get over the Shingles, but his son no longer remembers anything about the dreams. They’ve been completely erased (he’s now in his 20’s).

Scenario #2:

On the second day of the three-day Albanian wedding celebration, you are awakened on a Sunday morning in Tirana, Albania, to the cries of your recently married daughter because her Albanian husband was experiencing severe physical distress. He had felt fine and was enthusiastically celebrating his marriage the large party in their honor. Now, his skin was sickly green color, his convulsing muscles were drawing his body into a fetal position and he was beginning to lose consciousness. His parents called in a healer (similar to a sports’ trainer) who, following his examination, had declared that this was teh work of the Evil Eye and that someone had put a “hex” on the man the night before due to his good fortune of marrying a “rich” American woman.

*Again, this happened to another of our instructors. She said after the doctor left (and he really was a doctor – not a Shaaman), she, her husband, and their daughter (the man’s new wife) gathered around his bed and prayed. Literally, within minutes, his color returned and his muscles relaxed and he was fine. We were reminded that you cannot always separate the spiritual from the physical – we are a whole being, it’s all tied together.

Interesting to think of these situations in light of how others view what is happening. Especially when what they are doing is completely natural to them and totally foreign to you!

Our instructor ended with this story: In the Middle East, some shepherds talked about how their sheep in the pen were being taunted by a lion. He would wander around their sheep pen and just roar at them. The sheep would get in a group and run to the other side of the pen, pushing against the barriers. The lion would wander to that side of the fence, roar at them, and chase the sheep to the other side of the pen, against the barriers. He would continue to do this until the sheep loosened their pen enough that the barriers actually broke. The lion then came in and slaughtered them all.

Satan wanders around like a roaring lion. For fear of the roar of the lion, the sheep broke down their fence. For fear of Satan’s roar, we tend to run to the side of the protection instead of the center – Christ. All he can do is roar. Why are we running?


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We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

One thought on “Your worldview or mine?”

  1. We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood but against rulers,authorities,powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Be strong in the Lord so you can take your stand Put on your armor and pray! Eph. 6:10-ff
    Thanks for sharing your heart. Praying for you ..
    Love ,
    Helmut and Geni

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