First Day…

We made it through our first day! I’m not really sure this counts as a first day, though. It was just orienation stuff pretty much all day. We ran through what we will be covering in the next 9 weeks, which is much more than I can cover in here right now. Mainly because I don’t remember. 🙂 But, right now, we’re in the “Equipping for Cross-Cultural Life and Ministries” module. A few other things are tossed in during this time, but that’s the main focus right now. We’ll begin actual classes either later this week or early next, I’m not too sure about that, either! There’s a lot to go over right now.

We have been divided into “teams” to do things like dish crew and different exercises. We also have different groups that we’re divided into that will be our “HOM Groups” (Heart of the Missionary). We will meet every other day with our HOM Groups and have devos and prayer time and other activities. The days we don’t meet together, we’ll have worship time. I have been volunteered to help with worship which, thankfully, will take the place of doing regular cleaning around the campus each week. hehehe…some things just fall into place sometimes. 🙂 Not that I planned that or anything…

Our church assignment that I talked about yesterday does begin this Sunday, but we don’t have to pick our church officially for another full week (2 Sundays to choose). It’s not supposed to be one that’s way off doctrinally; just one that’s larger/smaller, different worship time, different preaching method, more charismatic, etc. Apparently, later on, we’ll have to attend a church just once that will be at least somewhat similar to where we’re headed. So, we’ll probably attend a Catholic mass or something similar at that point; but, again, that’s just one Sunday. This other assignment will last the whole time we’re here; we don’t need to get involved – we just need to attend and observe.

This afternoon, we divided into our teams again and went on a Rutherfordton Scavenger Hunt. Rutherfordton is the city that’s right near here and they wanted us to get to know our way around a little better. Okay, is it just me or does “Rutherfordton” remind you all of “Chestertonfieldville, Iowa” from Mr. Deeds? Just checking.

We had a great time all crammed into our Blazer, me driving, pouring cold rain outside, driving around unfamilar cities taking pictures of any place you can buy food (among other random things). It was a blast, even though it was snowing by the time we were done! Our team won! Our wonderful prize was 2 bags of chocolates and…drumroll…LIVER MUSH! What, you may ask, is liver mush? No clue. We gave it to some guy who’s been living in Columbia because he said it was pretty good. It’s a block of frozen brown stuff that apparently you roll in flour and deep fry. Sounds healthy huh? Welcome to the south, apparently.

Tonight, we have our first homework assignments – reading. Brian’s favorite chore. 🙂 Our advisor (we meet with an advisor every week) told us that the homework really isn’t that bad and not to worry or stress out about it and nothing gets grades. Guess we got all psyched up for nothin’!

Our heater still doesn’t seem to function too well, but we’re doing fine. We’re enjoying getting to know everyone here. Apparently this is the smallest class they’ve had in quite awhile. Tomorrow night, the cook is making a turkey dinner for Valentine’s Day, so that’ll be nice.

Our phone number in our room is: 828-287-8996, ext. 302. We do have voicemail as well. Call us! 🙂

Thanks for posting comments. It’s encouraging. I doubt I will write every day, especially once we settle into a routine, but for now, this is better than sending out emails!

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Brian & Lisa

We are missionaries with Bible Centered Ministries International, living and serving in NEPA.

3 thoughts on “First Day…”

  1. That sounds very exciting! This comment is basically for every blog that I just read since I’m a tad bit lazy. But anyhow I’m glad that you are settling in and have everything working out for you.

    I’ve lived in the south my whole life and have never heard of liver mush but let me know how it is so I can avoid it. And that crib in the 2nd bedroom is strange..are they hinting? I think you should tell them that you are Pentecostal and you want to go to a Baptist church. That’s about as far from Baptist as you can get.

    But we’re praying for you and wishing you well and we love you both very much!

    Britany and Shawn

  2. Hey-i enjoyed all the update from your official 1st day—we spent yesterday with freezing rain then rain then some snow. we will keep praying for you as you settle in to a routine of sorts.
    love ya,Mom & gunther (he says’hi’)

  3. I’m glad you two made it all right. A Pentecostal church isn’t too awfully bad. I don’t know about a Catholic one though. I remember long services and rituals that I didn’t understand. I’m glad that the schooling won’t be too hard. I hope your heater gets fixed soon. We will keep you in prayer.
    Heather Taber 🙂

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