Conference Wrap-up

The beginning of this week I was a part of Summit University’s (formerly Baptist Bible College) Global Ministry Conference. I was given the opportunity to teach an hour long session each day (Monday-Wednesday). The students had six or seven workshops to choose from each day, including some other dynamic speakers, so I was grateful to have about 20 students join me each day. I focused on the importance of reaching the 4/14 window (children between the ages of 4 and 14 – when 80% of believers profess faith in Christ). From these workshops, I had some really great connections with a number of students and hopefully there will be continued follow-up in the coming months.

Brian was home being daddy for most of those three days. I have to admit, coming home to a clean home with dinner in the crock pot was a nice change of pace! :) He was glad to be back at work, though, on Thursday and I really haven’t seen him much Thursday or today as now he’s playing catch-up. However, he’s to a point in the remodel where he doesn’t have to rush and he will be cleaning and putting it back together shortly. Just last night, a friend came out to help draw up plans for the next remodel. The other duplex on the property that has been around for years and years needs a pretty major overhaul. One of the bathrooms has a toilet falling through the floor and the hot water heater is falling through the floor and the kitchen is super tiny for a house that could potentially hold a family of 10-12 (and usually does). It’ll be nice to see the changes in this place – but that won’t be before the end of the year, I’m sure.

E celebrated Valentine’s Day with her class today. She’s never given out valentines before, except to family, so she was super excited and very picky about which friend got which card and meticulous about writing their names herself. She came home with a bag of goodies – and promptly handed each member of the family a special treat, which I thought was so sweet of her.



my attempt at making a heart out of her hair

Tonight, Brian and I actually get to go out without children for awhile! We get to hang out with close friends and enjoy some time alone – definitely looking forward to it.

Well, time to put the laptop down and pick up the screaming baby who’s refusing to nap… until next time…

Wanted to put up a short post, though I am quite distracted by the end of the Superbowl and Broncos (yay!) getting their trophy. :)

This week will be different for us since I will be going alone to Summit University to represent BCM and Brian will be watching the boys and getting E to and from school. I have finished my prep for my afternoon sessions and I’m looking forward to sharing with college students the importance of the 4/14 Window. Some of the points I’m going to be bringing to their attention include:

  • 80% of those who profess faith in Christ do so before the age of 15
  • On average, the church allocates 3% of its funds to children’s ministry and outreach to children worldwide
  • We are always only one generation away from children knowing nothing about God and all He has done for us
  • Children are able to respond to God, so we need to be challenging them now to obey Him

Pray for me that I will be able to make some good contacts in encouraging students into missions. Pray for Brian and the kids. Don’t think I need to expound on that one. ;) 

February Plans

I hope you were able to take the time to read about what all we do and where our support level is at right now. The link is still at the top of the blog; feel free to share with friends. Most of all, please continue to pray us through 2016!

February is a busy month for us. Here’s what’s on our plates:

  • The 8th-10th I will be at Summit University (formerly BBC) representing BCM at their Global Ministry Conference. I get the privilege of teaching a one hour session each day on the importance of reaching children. I’m completely intimidated (since I spend 90% of my time teaching kids under 12, not college kids!) and so excited at the same time.
  • Brian is hoping to finish the duplex this month. The bathroom is put back together and he is working in the kitchen. All the appliances are here and he is at this moment tiling the countertop. The whole place is almost done being painted. But it has all the little details left in order to get it put back together and livable.
  • By the end of the month, Brian would like to have mostly finished the print edition of BCM World’s 2015 compilation magazine. It’s looking good, but is very time consuming.
  • By the beginning of March, the next edition the regular BCM World will be going out. I will have a spread this time so I’m working on that… probably not as diligently as I should be, let’s just be honest…
  • I have two staff meetings this month with two of my groups of kid’s min volunteers and am doing the full-on planning for my annual training day in early April.
  • We are planning a brunch with our Life Group and I’m planning on having a fund-raising event for MRF that will simultaneously help out a friend and be a night out – so it’s like a win-win-win. :)

So, basically it’s a lot of work on the computers which the kids just *love*. BigJ calls those days “Wii days” because I let him play on the Wii for awhile in the mornings while I work!

We appreciate your prayers this month especially as we see how Satan just likes to mess everything up. The last three times Brian has had to do the BCM World, the family (he in particular) have gotten sick and this time is no exception. Also it seems like when I have the most to do, the children behave the worst. So, pray us through February if you will!



Well, the big snow mostly missed us! We got 6″ on Saturday and the kids had a blast playing with our neighbors (we love having neighbor kids!). No snow days for us – much to the chagrin of E’s teachers and the jubilation of her parents. ;)

This month, I will be representing BCM at Summit University for three days. I’m so excited to be able to lead an hour long session each afternoon!

Brian is working on the 2015 BCM World compilation which will be printed like the 2014 one. I’m working on my next spread for the next regular edition of BCM World.

The duplex is coming along nicely. Brian’s made a lot of substantial headway and is almost ready for kitchen appliances and putting the bathroom back together. The whole house is almost completely repainted and furniture is set aside to go back into it.

If you haven’t already done so, click on the new page above to read about our ministries and our current support needs. We’d be delighted to share more in person- with a small group, church, or even just your family.


2016 arrived with a new challenge: support raising. The Lord has greatly (and I do mean greatly!) blessed us with basically 100% of our monthly financial support since 2009. Just recently, we have lost a bit of that support. While not a dire emergency, we do feel we need to raise it back up to 100%. We also realize that while you may know more or less what we’re doing, some of it may remain unclear or confusing. So, we have written out what precisely we do within BCM and MRF and why we do it. If you click here, you will be directed to a direct link of that newsletter. We only ask that you take the time to read it and prayerfully consider if the Lord would have you join our support team. Our contact information is on there. Thank you!

Sickness in Spring-anuary

January certainly feels like spring; I even found myself calling it July this morning! Good grief. Thanks to the warmer weather and no hard freezes yet, illnesses have just been rampant! Last Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday found us – yet again – in our pediatrician’s office. Of course we need the office most when our actual pediatrician is out on maternity leave! Monday, E developed a full-body viral rash and BabyJ had an ear infection. By Thursday, BigJ also had an ear infection. Now today, our kids seem mostly back to normal-but they were kind and shared their infections with their grandparents who are now miserably sick as well. And the circle continues!

As for the MRF project – Brian worked this week on moving furniture around in preparation of furnishing Side B. We have those new {to us} storage trailers that work perfectly for storing furniture, so Brian moved furniture from the other random storage places around the property that we had been using, consolidated it all, got rid of furniture covered in black mold (ew), and began an inventory of sorts so we know what we have and what we need to acquire.

He has been tiling the kitchen backsplash and is getting ready to tile the countertop, probably this week. The bathroom is ready to get put back together. Little details need to be done before furniture gets moved back in, but he’s getting there at least!

We say goodbye this week to a family who’s been here for more than a year. We’re going to miss them! They were such a blessing to us. They were in the other duplex on the property and once they leave, that home will remain vacant until Brian can do renovations in there. It desperately needs a different layout – larger kitchen and a bathroom moved – so that will be his project after SideB is done.

Here are just a few pictures from the duplex ~ watch your inboxes for our newsletter, which has more details, to arrive this week!


View of the kitchen from the side entrance.


view of the downstairs from the stairs; the double doors is the main entrance. there’s *a bit* of cleaning up to do yet in the living room.


the bathroom – it’s been gutted and is completely new. brian’s done all the tiling and is just about done with the whole thing.

*We rarely discuss our support level because it’s been at 100% since 2009. However, that has changed recently. Read our newsletter for the full update and please be praying for us! Thanks!*

Happy New Year!

It’s hard not to be cliche when writing a new year’s blog post. I’ll try to keep it to a minimum…


E started the year as a 4yr old being home schooled PreK by mommy and ended it by being our big Kindergartner who is reading and loving every second of school.


Big J began the year as a typical 2yr old boy and ended potty-trained, talkative, highly energetic, and covered in bruises.


Baby J began the year as our little peanut. He’s now 8mos old, crawling, standing, and generally wreaking havoc everywhere he goes and is loved on by everyone who meets him.



As for our ministries…


MRF has gone through major overhauls this year with the new pavilion and the main house being turned into three rentals.


Remodels have kept Brian busy all year and he’s not done yet! Side B still has a ways to go. Thankfully, we were able to move people around so he did NOT have to finish on Dec. 30. He now has about a two-month extension which is very helpful. Then he’ll move on to other projects – which includes tiling the outdoor bathrooms at the pavilion and remodeling the other duplex on site.

bcm world june

The BCM World may seem minor to the outside, but it certainly is not! It’s a load of work for both of us. I’ve learned an extraordinary amount about journalism this year and am loving writing for each addition, but it certainly is time consuming since it’s new for me. Once all the articles get passed on to Brian, it’s a solid two weeks or more before he gets it published online. However, we absolutely love this part of our ministry and look forward to the work that we put into it.


A little known job that I have is a weekly, internal prayer newsletter for all of BCM International. I work in conjunction with our home office in receiving and compiling newsletters from around the world (there are 700+ BCM missionaries). I send out a newsletter to everyone in our board each week filled with prayer requests, health concerns, upcoming events, birth dates, and internal announcements. It’s a way to keep us all informed and connected. This is why I’m not available Thursday mornings. :)


Then there’s church. 2015 was a year of VBS, reconfiguring, planning, meetings, teaching, organizing… you know, the usual. Brian, meanwhile, is a deacon and he’s in charge of everything techy. You’ll find him in the sound booth 2-3 Sundays per month. He’s the go-to man for every question regarding technology in the church. You can also find him doing repairs and upkeep around the church as needed and occasionally he’ll spend a whole day down there working if MRF is quiet.

View More:

And then, on the rarest of occasions, we get to be alone and just be husband and wife. I can count on one hand the number of “date nights” we’ve had completely alone this year. We’re hoping to have a few more in 2016! :) But, God is good and though we are busy, occasionally stressed, and almost always tired, our marriage has not suffered and we are still best of friends and each other’s favorite co-worker. This year will be anniversary #11 and we wouldn’t trade our life together for anything in the world.

So, here’s to 2016 and all that it already holds! I love knowing that none of it is a surprise to God; He’s already there waiting for us. He’ll walk us through, He’ll hold is in the midst, and He’ll greet us on the other side, no matter what this year throws at us. While I found myself lamenting getting {yet another} year older, Brian reminded me that we would have none of the blessings that we do if we weren’t as old as we are. That’s an odd sentence, don’t diagram it for me, but hopefully it made sense to you!

I hope you are trusting your 2016 to the One Who holds time in His hands.

Happy New Year!