Quick Recap

To be honest, it’s pretty quiet here! We are waiting on baby as my doctor is convinced he will come on his own any time now and that surgery is not necessary unless something happens. You can pray with us that he’ll come this week as I hit 40 weeks yesterday and we’d sure love to have him here soon – sans surgery!

Brian has been hanging near the house for the past week, doing odd jobs in the duplex and then lots of yard work around here just to help with the kids. The side of the duplex that is almost completed now has major issues in the bathroom which is upstairs. Brian is having to basically tear up the floor and the dry wall and start over. Even some of the support beams are in bad shape. So, the duplex went from “almost completed” to “needing lots more work.” Pray that he can figure out how to fix the bathroom, get the house in order, and yet be present for baby’s birth and the first bit at home.

The horrendous tragedy in Nepal also gave Brian additional work. Granted, it’s work he was glad to do! But, our internet has been sporadic for a long time now, so what should’ve taken a few hours took a couple of days. He was asked to do a mailing and some web design for BCM in order to send aid to our BCM missionaries in Nepal. You can check it out by clicking here. If you are interested in donating, the link to do so is at the bottom of the article. Our missionaries are okay, but the BCM church will need to be rebuilt and as of the writing of the article, many were missing family members.

The kids are doing okay. As the arrival of baby approaches, they progressively handle the idea worse. So, you can pray for us in this aspect as well – that we would be mindful of all they’re going through and know how to help them with the adjustment. We are so grateful to our neighbors here at MRF who have helped watch them last week and for my parents who are so close and helping out a lot, too. It’s nice living in this community – 2 of our neighbors have just randomly taken the kids for us, feeding them meals and playing with them to give us a reprieve.

Thank you for praying with us! Hopefully the next time I update, it will include a picture of our new boy!


Since our last update, the view outdoors has gone from this:


to this:


Finally! Winter was just interminably long this year. I know we’ve had long winters before, but when you have small children and minimal running space in your house, it just seems that much longer.

Easter has come and gone.


As much as we LOVE Easter and all the goings-on at church that week, I just couldn’t manage to go to it all. Brian ran sound for the Thursday evening communion service and the Friday evening prayer time. We skipped the sunrise service, much to our chagrin – it’s our favorite service. Brian headed in early to run sound and I made it in with the kids for the morning service. The church was packed!


I’m glad I made it; made for a nice last Sunday before baby arrives.

That Wednesday was our Easter party in Kidz Konnect which was really nice (probably even more so since I didn’t have to worry about having a part in it!).

I am now taking it easy until baby arrives. It’s nice to not have much else to think about except laundry and getting the house ready and spending time with the other two kids. We are slowly realizing all the differences between this baby and the other two, not the least of which is the fact that this will be the first time that we won’t be traveling or moving within the first three months of having a baby! I think that’s making me more frantic, though. Knowing we would be traveling or moving made it actually less stressful since I knew we would have almost like a second chance to get the house ready (or in J’s case, we didn’t actually have a place to “get ready” until he was five months old). This time around, this is IT! Either we’ll be ready or we won’t be – there won’t be a redo in a couple of months!

My mom was so sweet and threw me a “sprinkle” (instead of a “baby shower”) last week so I could celebrate with some friends the coming of the baby. It was so nice!

Brought a balloon home and Brian found J sound asleep that night, clutching the string with all his might!

Brought a balloon home and Brian found J sound asleep that night, clutching the string with all his might!

As for Brian, he’s enjoying the warmer weather and finding more things to do outside. However, that means he keeps getting distracted from the work inside. :) He’s been doing a lot of painting and finish work in the duplex. It’s in the process of getting deep-cleaned so they can begin to move furniture in and get it ready for the first guests, which will be, I believe, the end of May. He’s been a big help – coming home early and taking the kids outside for me. He’s finding time somewhere in there to help with rearranging rooms and general housework, on top of building websites for missionaries in New York, setting up a drum set at church, and keeping up with the BCM website.


If you think of us, be praying for this transitional time. Our oldest, especially craves quality time and we are already seeing her temperament get a little more difficult as she senses baby is coming soon and her world is about to change. Pray with us that our new little boy would arrive healthy with no complications and that we would have peace in the coming weeks. 

The Training Day


Last year, I held my first Recognition & Training Day for the children’s ministry. It was one of those things that you just don’t know if it will be a success or not, but I knew it was necessary. On the 21st, I held my 2nd Annual Recognition & Training Day (and yes, I’m aware it needs a much catchier name!). Pretty much as soon as last year ended, I had ideas for this year then began serious preparations in December. There are 80+ volunteers in the children’s ministry if you include nursery volunteers; 55 who work in the 2’s on up. Out of those 55, I had 38 show up! This was a BIG blessing to me. I really think the day went very, very well and have gotten some good feedback from the volunteers. It’s a lot of work… and hopefully next year I won’t be 8 months pregnant while I do it… but it’s worth it.


As much as I love teaching BCM’s In Step with the Master Teacher, I know that my volunteers hearing ME do the teaching is not beneficial to anyone. So, I invited a good friend and BCM co-worker, Becky, to do the vast majority of the teaching. Becky and I worked in Peru together for 3 of our 4 years; her family just transitioned back to the States in February after 5 years there. We had very different ministries and lives in Peru, yet we had so much in common and got to be close friends. We both had babies in Peru – with the same doctor – and her family moved into the home Brian built for us when we left. It was wonderful having her teach and then catching up afterwards.

With BCM: The print version of the BCM World is AT the printers! Praise God! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

At MRF: Work has somewhat slowed, though by no means ended, on the remodel. The apartment is, I believe, completely finished (if it’s not 100% done, it’s definitely close!). Brian has spent most of the week in the first half of the duplex doing mudding, sheet rock, and painting. He’s sore from working over his head for something like 6 hours a shot per day, but the work is getting accomplished at least!

At home: Many of you know that we have been looking for a small car to replace one of our vans. We found a great van at the end of the summer and having two vans just seemed impractical. We tried to sell the first van during the fall and Brian literally didn’t even get one person interested in it. He took the listing off and we decided to wait a few months. He looked for a car for us all winter and again, nothing. He started looking after the new year and in the last month, a lot more diligently. In the course of one weekend, he found a car in our price range, exactly what we were looking for, and ended up purchasing it. He listed our van for sale a week ago and it has generated a lot of interest. It’s not sold yet, but we’re confident it’ll happen soon. What’s So God is that we ended up needing the van all winter and being glad we had it and not a car! God knows what we need and the timing we need it in, that’s for sure.

Also at home, the idea of baby #3 arriving in a month is finally hitting home. Baby clothes have been gone through and the kids’ rooms are being rearranged. Lists are being made. Friends are already being so generous in loaning baby items and digging through their closets for baby clothes! We are so grateful for our church family. The kids are excited. They talk to the baby and love to feel him kick and watch him jump with hiccups and wiggle around. You can be praying for me this month. I closed out my team’s unit of Kidz Alive (Sunday children’s church) today. My last Wednesday Kidz Konnect is April 8. I have helpers lined up to be my go-to’s while I’m gone. I just have a few more large responsibilities to undertake before I can rest fully before baby arrives.

We wish a beautiful Palm Sunday and an exciting Easter Week! Thanks for praying for us!

Coming to fruition:

I talked in February about preparing for events in March. Those events are happening now! So, here’s a little update with some pictures:

Last Friday, we had the Pastor’s Banquet at MRF. I honestly can’t remember how many pastors showed up with their wives; I just know it was a full house. After a lovely catered meal, there was brief presentations of the ministry here and lots of special music.


Our goal is to get more area churches involved at MRF. The property is very conducive to events for churches and we want to be sure that when they have missionaries passing through, that they know we offer a comfortable {affordable} place for them to stay. Plus, many pastors just need a get-away, even for a couple of days, and we offer that as well. Then, of course, MRF would not exist without contributions, so getting our name out there definitely helps.

Brian and a few other men worked literally tirelessly to get the new apartment ready for that Friday. It was not 100% completed (that’s happening this week) but they could at least show it to the pastors who took the tour. It looks absolutely beautiful!

When you enter, the bathroom is immediately to your left. Not pictured is the full tub/shower. Brian did most of the bathroom himself. It looks beautiful. Nice and large!

When you enter, the bathroom is immediately to your left. Not pictured is the full tub/shower. Brian did most of the bathroom himself. It looks beautiful. Nice and large!

This view is still standing by the new front door. The bathroom is to my left (not pictured) and this is the small kitchenette. It includes a microwave, toaster oven, coffee pot, and small fridge. It's an "efficiency" apartment - not made for long-term residents, but more like weekend guests.

This view is still standing by the new front door. The bathroom is to my left (not pictured) and this is the small kitchenette. It includes a microwave, toaster oven, coffee pot, and small fridge. It’s an “efficiency” apartment – not made for long-term residents, but more like weekend guests.

Directly across from the kitchenette is this sitting area. The couch was donated and is in MINT condition. It's also a hide-a-bed, so more than 2 people can comfortably stay here.

Directly across from the kitchenette is this sitting area. The couch was donated and is in MINT condition. It’s also a hide-a-bed, so more than 2 people can comfortably stay here.

This is the entire apartment, taken from the new entrance. The door you see is the old entrance and will now be the back door. In front of the window is the queen bed, with 2 end tables and lamps. There's also an armoire in the room, too.

This is the entire apartment, taken from the new entrance. The door you see is the old entrance and will now be the back door. In front of the window is the queen bed, with 2 end tables and lamps. There’s also an armoire in the room, too.

This week, Brian has been working on installing smoke detectors, finishing up the ceiling (especially in the new bathroom), and doing more electrical, dry wall, and mudding in other areas of the remodel. The duplex is now officially two homes – completely sealed off. A lot of painting is happening and all of the electrical upstairs is (I believe!) complete. Things happen so quickly that it’s hard for me to keep up. I know Brian installed a door for the new washer/dryer area in one half yesterday. He also began drywall in the kitchen of that same half and mudding and painting has begun there. One half of the duplex should be completed fairly soon. The other side is still lacking a kitchen, but there are not enough funds for that, so it’s on hold for the time being.

Sunday, we say goodbye to a family who has lived at MRF for the past 6 months. They arrived nearing burn-out and needing a rest with their family. They are leaving refreshed and renewed! We had the joy of having them in our Life Group and our kids loved playing together. We really enjoyed getting to know them and hearing about their work in a tribe. It’s always bittersweet seeing families we grow attached to leave. We know they’re headed back to where God has called them, but we hate to say goodbye for now. I have to say – they’re a HUGE testament to the goal and purpose of MRF. I think our tag line should be, “Come worn out; leave refreshed.” Hopefully that was accomplished for them and we look forward to them hopefully returning on their next furlough.

At the church – we had another Skill Nite last night. We had a BIG turnout! My dad taught half the kids French and a friend of ours, Raul, taught the other half Spanish. Here are a few pictures:









So, the big question is: who had more fun? The teachers or the kids?? 

This Saturday, I have my big training day for the church. I’ve been working on this since before Christmas; I just hope I have covered all my bases and have it all set. Brian has been a HUGE help getting some last minute stuff together for me. You can pray that the day goes well, with a good turnout.

This week:

Last Saturday, the 7th, a small work team came up to help out again. The apartment is booked this Friday, the 13th, so there was a big push to get things done. They will be pushing it to finish in time, but I believe it’ll happen! Someone came to clean the carpet in there today. There’s an issue in the bathroom that needs to be fixed, but it shouldn’t set them behind too much I don’t think. Then it’s just putting it back together and making it look pretty for its first residents!

The duplex is just about to the farthest point they can go as far as finances are concerned. People are willing to come and help, but the money is no longer available. Pray with us that God would supply the funds necessary to finish the duplex soon!

This Friday, is the pastor’s banquet. We’re looking forward to making connections with local churches and are praying for a good attendance as this is something MRF has never done before to our knowledge.

Brian is beginning new projects. A couple of our BCM co-workers from New York have asked if he would be willing to fix and update their ministries’ websites. He’s been corresponding with them and figuring out what needs to be done and is working on those websites in the evenings.

My training day is next Saturday already! I have 40 of my 55 volunteers registered! I am SO thankful for my co-worker and friend, Becky, who is taking on the bulk of the training for me. As much as I’d LOVE to do ALL the teaching since ISMT is one of my favorite things on earth, I just physically can’t this year. Thankfully, Becky is my first choice of teacher and I’m glad she’s joining me – plus it’ll be REALLY good to see her!

I have not been feeling well, though. My last trimesters have always been rough and this one is no exception. Just pray with us that I can hold out and keep going with my responsibilities until April. I’m kind of living week-to-week right now and evaluating each day as it comes. Chasing around two small children has definitely made this pregnancy very different than the first two! :) This Friday morning, we have our final ultrasound. My mom went with me for the last one, so Brian is very excited to go this time and see his little boy. And yes, for those wondering, the name has FINALLY been chosen. But it’s still a secret. :)

The weather warmed up the last 3 days – amazingly! The kids were outside quite a bit today and it was SO nice having the sliding glass door between me and their constant screams of jubilation, as opposed to just a couch separating me from their excitement as they play.

Well, speaking of the kids, one is screaming that nap time is over and wants OUT of his bed; the other should probably wake up so she’ll go back to bed tonight… ’til next time…

Welcome, March!

Spring still feels months away as I write this at the end of yet another snow-filled, cold, wintry day. However, it could be worse. We could live in Boston. :) 

We really did get our “quiet” week that we have needed for a month. Life was relatively back to normal around here and we can tell that things are more in the usual routine based on how our kids act! Our week ended with Brian and I being able to finally have a date lunch and celebrate Valentine’s Day alone. Our last date was before Christmas; this was really nice.

On the MRF front: In the apartment suite, tiles began going up in the bathroom, the walls are getting ready for paint, and all the trim work is done. The suite is booked in two weeks, so they are doing mostly finish work at this point. The final walls are being built to close up the duplex so that it’s officially two homes instead of one. Another work team offered to come up this coming Saturday, the 7th, so that will help push it along quickly.

On March 13, we have a big banquet for local pastors planned. Well, I use the term “we” loosely – it’s our board president who’s done all the organizing; we just need to show up! This will be a great opportunity for MRF to have its name put out there more in the area and for pastors to become much more aware of who we are and what we do. You can pray with us for a good turn out for this evening.

For BCM: the BCM World is published! You can read it here. This edition includes two fascinating articles on Sri Lanka (did you even know BCM existed in Sri Lanka??). There’s an article on what’s up in Italy and then I wrote a follow-up on the first article I wrote for BCM – all about In Step with the Master Teacher’s reach into Bangladesh.

At GBC: This month is my training day. I have LOTS to do to prepare for it. Pray with me for a good turn-out and that things would fall into place this month as far as details are concerned.

Here at Home: I am thankful for the opportunity offered by some of the neighbor girls to come down and help out in the house starting this week. I’m noticing that I’m just not able to do as much these days, so having a few extra hands to sweep a floor or play with the kids for an hour a day sounds wonderful.

We wish you a Happy March! Here’s hoping spring shows its beautiful face at some point this month…

Skill Nite

This past week, we had yet another “Skill Nite” in our Kidz Konnect (Wed. night) program. These are the best nights of the month for our entire team as well as the kids who attend. So far this year, they have learned about outdoor survival, health and nutrition, the nursing home ministry, baking, and now sign language. Someone(s) from the congregation are invited in to share on that particular topic, with activities, and then they share their testimony at the end. It’s become a great way for the kids to get to know those who attend “big church” – and to hear a variety of testimonies. My desire is that by the time they leave 6th grade, they will be able to share their own testimony and the best way to learn is by having it modeled in front of them.

We were excited to invite in our sign language interpreter, Linda. She signs every Sunday for our small deaf church and we’ve even had families move down front specifically so their children could watch her sign. She does a phenomenal job and it really is fascinating to watch. I have no clue how she keeps up with the service!


During the course of the evening, she taught the kids basic signs that they got to practice (including their names and ages). She also went over the differences in signs – how some just are common sense, but some take memorization. She taught us a song and she had an infinite amount of patience as the kids asked, “How do you do _____ in sign language?” over and over!

Smaller group than usual due to bitter cold and impending snow, but better than nobody or a cancellation, that's for sure!

Smaller group than usual due to bitter cold and impending snow, but better than nobody or a cancellation, that’s for sure!

One of our kids trying to sign her name correctly so Linda could see what it is.

One of our kids trying to sign her name correctly so Linda could see what it is.

Practicing "Jesus Loves Me" in sign language.

Practicing “Jesus Loves Me” in sign language.

This morning in our worship service, the (small!) group of kids that were there came up front and signed “Jesus Loves Me” for the deaf church. It was so nice seeing them participating in the service and showing just a small fraction of what they’re learning Wednesday nights.

On the BCM front:

The next BCM World is slated to go out early March. I enjoyed writing a follow-up article on the first article I wrote for BCM World. Brian is in the final editing stages of the printed compilation of 2014’s BCM Worlds.

Here at MRF:

Construction continues on the remodel! No real big news to report, except that yes, progress is constantly being made. As of March 1, all of our homes will be full (except the remodel, of course), so that’s good news. As Brian was getting one home ready this week, he noticed so many little things that needed to be done simply because the home had sat for so long without residents. Pray with us that God would continue to bring people our way so we can keep the homes full throughout 2015!

And here at home:

The baby is doing quite well and as I’m now in the final trimester, I feel great. Only took me 7 months to get here, but hey, at least I got here, right?? He’s quite active now and we’re getting anxious to meet him. E asked me this week if she would be 10 before the baby gets here. I told her, “I certainly hope not!” Although it does feel that way sometimes! My health is still up and down as my thyroid is theoretically stable, but I can tell I’m not my usual self. I definitely have days where my one and only desire is to lay on the couch and sleep.

The kids are SO BORED with being inside. The weather here, like in most of the country, has been bitterly cold and I just can’t send them outside in it with good conscience. Not to mention that I, personally, would pay money not to have to be outside with them either! Today, we’re about 35* right now so Brian took the kids outside before the sun sets to FINALLY play in the snow. They are THRILLED. So is their mom! The house hasn’t been this quiet since November I’m pretty sure.

Oh, and then if you missed it on Facebook, our little 4 year old got her first real big girl haircut yesterday:


The bangs made her age a few years, I’m just sure of it! Her daddy about had a heart attack when she walked through the door. We’re just not ready for her to be so big yet! Not to mention I have a Kindergarten application sitting next to me waiting to be filled out. She BEAMS when we tell her she’ll finally be going to school…. somewhere!… in the fall. Pray with us as we make this all-important decision and that if God wants her in a Christian school that He would miraculously supply the funds.

This is looking to be a relatively “normal” week for us. I’m hoping to get back into our routine with the kids as last week was clean-up from being gone to BBC and then doctor’s appointments and meetings in the evenings. This week looks to be quieter. Hopefully it’ll stay that way.

Have a blessed week! Stay safe & warm! And whoever is praying for the endless winter, feel free to stop now! Even E said in the car yesterday, “I like winter, but NOT THIS MUCH!”