Decorating & Remembering

When we were first married, we were the typical married couple with zero Christmas decorations to call our own and barely any money to buy some. We bought a small box of little wooden decorations that were reminiscent of Brian’s childhood and then I had like three from my childhood. I heard on the radio the next year the idea of getting one ornament per year that reminded you of something that happened that year. And thus began my favorite holiday tradition!


Every year, we look for just one ornament that reminds us of something that happened that year. We have a snowman for our last Christmas with snow in ’08, a Peruvian snowman for our 1st Christmas in Peru for ’09, and then for the last three years, I’ve taken a plain Christmas ball and written on it little memories from the year, like this:


Each year, now that we have kids, we get each child their own ornament. One idea is to give them all of their ornaments when they leave the house so that they have their own little set of decorations for their first trees.


their ornaments from 2014

Also on the tree are ornaments from friends from basically all the places we’ve lived, like this one that was a gift from friends while we lived in Peru:


I’m also all about doing stuff for Advent and counting down to Christmas, so two years ago, we started a tradition of putting one small colored Christmas ball with a name of God on the tree after reading the corresponding Scripture passage. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Scriptures that someone had chosen to go along with the names, so this year, I’m going to revamp it and we’re going to follow a Jesus Storybook plan. It’s basically a Jesse Tree idea, but I’m going to put my own twist on it. It’s still in the works.


In the end, our tree is not overly full of decorations, but it is full of memories and significance. I hope we can pass that on to our kids so that Christmas isn’t just a fun holiday, but an entire season filled with purpose.


Happy tree trimming!

Happy Thanksgiving


We made our own Thanksgiving wreath this afternoon and I asked the kids what they’re thankful for this year. The list includes a friend from school, the baby, and monkeys. Because why wouldn’t we be thankful for monkeys here in NEPA?

We sent out our newsletter this afternoon so if you received it, you got our abbreviated list of things we’re thankful for. One thing that did not get listed was our van. So I thought I’d tell you about that here!

Our van has been having transmission problems for a long time and we’ve been ignoring it because really, who wants to deal with transmission problems? “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” While Brian was in SD, I avoided driving the van out of fear that while he was gone would be when I would break down.

Brian did a lot of research, including talking with his mechanic father, while he was gone and decided he might actually be able to fix it and maybe it wasn’t the entire transmission. Even his dad – an experienced, capable mechanic – told him he wouldn’t touch it; that transmissions are just too delicate.

Last Saturday, Brian spent the whole day working on the van, praying it would work because we don’t have the funds for another car and all three kids don’t fit in the little Chevy. By Saturday evening, he was done… and the van was totally fixed. 

I am so very thankful for Brian’s gift with vehicles. He’s saving us a ton of money and the huge, stressful decision we were faced with on what to do with the van since we were banking on it breaking down very soon. Now we can breathe a sigh of relief!


We are also thankful for our financial supporters. We mention this every year, I’m sure. But, it’s certainly not with triviality. It is increasingly more difficult for missionaries – especially missionaries located in their home country – to raise support, even more so when they are doing background jobs. We have watched so many friends struggle with their support levels – to the point that a few are not even on the field after years of raising support. Yet, we have always been taken care of. We don’t take one penny of our monthly support for granted; we view every check that comes in as a gracious gift from the Lord and we try to live wisely and frugally to make your money go the furthest it can. We appreciate every single donation to our ministry because it means you are a part of our team and we take that seriously. Thank you for investing in our ministry and being a part of what we do at MRF and BCM.

We wish you all a VERY happy Thanksgiving! 

The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.

-Psalm 126:3

Thanksgiving already??

It’s been long enough since I wrote on here that they’ve actually updated the whole blog format within our server… I really should write more often!

Brian has been on overload since returning from South Dakota. Originally, Side B of the duplex was booked for Dec. 1. We are so very thankful that for whatever reason the family changed their arrival to Dec. 30. *phew!* Brian had to put all the kitchen cabinets together and that ended up being more detailed than he’d planned on. The kitchen still needs to be painted before he can install the cabinets. The bathroom needs an entire overhaul and just this week, he found extensive water damage in there, too, so that project just grew. Our board president is actively working on finding some local contractors who can come in and help Brian out.

Our van has been having some issues. It’s time for regular maintenance on it, so Brian has taken the last two Saturdays (in fact, he’s still in the garage and has been there all day) to work on it. We were praying that his repairs would mean we wouldn’t need to replace it and it’s looking like God answered that one, which is HUGE.

He also took some time to help out some friends with their own vehicles. One of those jobs was very much ministry related and we’re anxious to see where God is taking that friendship. The other was a surprise and even though he got home much later than planned, we were so glad he did the work for our friends.

I spent last Friday at E’s school teaching with another friend about the Iriquois indians. The elementary had a special Pilgrim Day and volunteers came in to teach about different American indians. I spent the whole day there and got to know some of the elementary teachers. One teacher expressed to me that the school sees very little turn-over by way of teachers and that they all don’t view it as a job, but a ministry. We are just so thankful that she’s there. This week includes “Grandparent’s Day” and she’s anxiously waiting for it so she can bring her grandparents into her classroom.

The whole family has been fighting coughs and colds. It wouldn’t be such a big deal, but it did make E miss a day of school and BabyJ hasn’t slept through a night in a couple of weeks now. So we’re pretty run-down, which doesn’t help you get better any faster. BabyJ cut two teeth, though, so we’re assuming it’s all connected!

We are seeing the Lord open up some very interesting doors for ministry that have little to nothing to do with MRF, BCM, or GBC. You can be praying for Brian, especially, as God has really opened up the door for him to witness to a local man who is searching desperately for hope. A few other circumstances have come up that I don’t feel comfortable sharing about publicly, but feel free to ask in person! Be praying for us as all of a sudden, we feel our location is very strategic and we’re curious about what is going to happen in the coming months.

Our Thanksgiving will be spent with my parents and a bunch of other people… because isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about anyway? We love this time of year. It does us good to have to stop and think about how God has taken care of us this year, even when we didn’t deserve it. High on our list is our financial supporters who keep us going. Without all of you, we simply wouldn’t be able to do all of this. There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes, too, that we don’t share publicly. And honestly, our supporters are a huge part of that, even when they don’t know it.

Thank you for being a part of the Biegert ministry! Happy Thanksgiving!

Skills ‘n’ Stuff

Wednesday evening was our 2nd Skill Nite for Kidz Konnect this school year. We did “The Farm” a couple of weeks ago, but I skipped out early to help Brian and Big J pack for South Dakota, so I missed most of it. I know they got to pet some chickens and learned about different things farmers do from a couple of farmers in our church. This week, we brought in two of our artists. It was a blast because generally speaking, we think of art as being painting or drawing. We opened their eyes up to different art forms by having art history while they worked with clay and interpretive dance!

We divided them into their two groups and they got 30min with each instructor. My friend Joanna taught art history and coupled it it with teaching them about Who God is – all while letting them work with a piece of clay. They learned different techniques with clay, read some Scripture, and saw that:





Meanwhile, in the other half of the room, my friend Abby taught the kids a dance to Mercy Me’s “Shake”. It was a blast! And this is coming from one who never dances… except with my boys.. in the living room… with the blinds closed! :) Abby taught very well and the kids seemed to really enjoy it!



Here at home, Brian went back to work at MRF on Tuesday. He’s got a lot to get done in order to make Side B liveable by December! The tile in the kitchen is done. He needs to begin putting the kitchen cabinets together. The weather was beautiful this week, so he spent a lot of time outside since he knows it won’t be warm much longer.

This week, I will be teaching at Elena’s school about the Iriquois Indians along with a friend of mine. I’m also working on a fascinating article for the next BCM World and gearing up for my team’s turn to teach children’s church along with leading Wednesday night, which will be the first time this year that we’ll open our Store (the kids earn points to spend in our store a few times a year).

The kids are still glad to be reunited. It was actually difficult to get E off to school this week because she would rather have stayed home with her brothers. It’s nice to see them getting along {most of the time anyway.}

We ran into newsletter complications; as soon as we get the kinks worked out, we’ll get that off to your inboxes! Thanks for your prayers!

This big boy not only sits, crawls, and eats "real" food - he's sporting a tooth, too! Why does time have to go so fast?

This big boy not only sits, crawls, and eats “real” food – he’s sporting a tooth, too! Why does time have to go so fast?

Home again…

The boys made it home Sunday morning! Flying stand-by with a three year old was definitely an adventure – probably not one that Brian is hoping to do again any time soon, but an adventure he’s glad he’s had none-the-less. Our little boy was a champ of a traveler – obedient, quiet, stayed with daddy, polite! {Can you hear the sigh of relief from his parents? We feel like we’ve done SOMETHING right!}

Brian had not been necessarily anxious to go out to SD for a funeral, but he’s very glad he went. He, his brothers, and male cousins were the pall bearers. His grandfather had been in the military, so there was the gun salute at the burial. Brian was just very glad for the closure and for being able to be there to honor his grandfather’s life and be with his family during this time.

The flights coming home were full and they were flying into Dallas – which was quite stormy – so they weren’t actually able to travel Friday as originally planned, but instead began their trip Saturday and got home early Sunday morning. I didn’t even bother bringing the camera, but I wish I had: the reunion between brother and sister was beautiful. We had people in the airport wiping away tears. Joseph ran right to his sister – bypassing me! – and they just clung to each other like long-lost friends. It was beautiful. They have been inseparable ever since.

We wanted to thank you again for praying for the entire family, including Brian’s, during this time. We’re so thankful to have everyone home safe again.

Brian will get back to work on the duplex tomorrow. It’s booked the beginning of December and currently unlivable, so he’s got his work cut out for him! I’m working on a couple articles for the next BCM World as well as the usual children’s ministry stuff that happen weekly.

Watch your inboxes for a newsletter coming soon!

An unexpected trip

A little over a week ago, we got word that Brian’s grandfather had fallen and was in the hospital. This quickly escalated to him being put in hospice. We knew he had cancer, but didn’t know it was so serious. Less than a week after being put in hospice, he passed away. Brian was close with his grandfather and this is a difficult time for his family, so Brian decided he wanted to be there with them for awhile. Thanks to a pilot friend of ours, Brian and Joseph got stand-by tickets from Wilkes-Barre to Rapid City on Thursday. It was a LONG day of travels, but they made all their flights and missed massive flooding in Dallas to arrive safely in SD. The viewing was this evening; the funeral mass is tomorrow with the graveside service Monday. At this point, Brian is not sure when he will be home; he wants to be with his family as long as he’s needed. Things are going well for them and Joseph is enjoying his cousins and grandparents (not to mention all the plane, bus, and train rides he’s been on!).

E, Baby J, and I are hanging in there back home. Going from, “we can’t afford tickets” to, “I’m leaving tomorrow morning” was a bit of a jump for a planner like myself! But, I got them packed and E didn’t have a meltdown after they were gone at 5am, so it’s all good. E and I agree that Big J is the funniest member of our family and that it’s just too quiet when he’s gone! E is thankful for school; it’s keeping her distracted from missing Daddy and brother. She just about cried when I told her tomorrow is Saturday and it’ll be just the two of us!

Needless to say, things are kind of on pause here. I’m still keeping up with meetings and working on BCM articles. I’m also busy forgetting to pack E’s lunch and being last in line at the pick-up line at school… woops. At least she thinks it’s funny! We spent our Friday evening making cinnamon rolls, watching the new “Cinderella”, and reading books. It’s actually nice having a little bit of bonding time with my girl.

Pray for us! I’ll keep you posted when he returns.

Brian's Grandpa with E when she was 2.

Brian’s Grandpa with E when she was 2.

Jumping into Fall


Fall at MRF is a busy time. We have two families checking out later this month and a couple new families are moving in, along with those who use the suite. This week, we had a couple with WOL crash here for a quick break during their time visiting Stateside churches. Not sure where they’re located, but he’s from Papua New Guinea! We love the diversity of missionaries who come through here.

Brian has been working on new storage containers. They were purchased this summer – basically, they’re two tractor trailers that have been joined together. Our storage had been in the basements of a couple homes, but that’s just not always feasible. It’d be much easier to have all the extra furniture, kitchen supplies, etc, in one place, easily accessible, instead of trying to get into basements of peoples’ homes when we need something. So, these units were purchased and Brian has been working on sealing them together, siding the front of one, and putting in electricity. They’re insulated and have a large door to slide bigger pieces of furniture in and out. Now that they’ve been sealed, the next step is filling it with all the misc. stuff around the property. This is going to greatly improve our ability to inventory what we have and keep it all organized!

The cabinets arrived for Side B! On rainy days, Brian has been in the duplex getting the kitchen ready for the cabinets, then he will begin putting them together and getting them hung. It’s not an easy job, but it’s saving MRF a lot of money having Brian do it himself.


In between this, he’s been fixing heaters, repairing the plow, and jumping cars. Thursday morning when we got the call that a family’s car wouldn’t start and they had an appointment in less than an hour, we were so glad we were here to help them out. We got to thinking – man, what if they were just renting a place somewhere during this in-between time and didn’t know anybody who could just come and help them out? The joy of MRF is that we’re a community and able to help each other as needed.


This week is a fundraiser for E’s school that we’re both involved in. We’re just doing background – setting up and tearing down. We absolutely love her school and are glad we can help out with this event. If you’re in the area and bored Friday night, come on out for homemade pizza, brownie sundaes, and an auction! Next week, I’ll join E’s class for her first field trip. She’s so excited. Can’t say that I blame her. :) We’re so proud of how hard she’s working in school. We were practicing her letters and blends last night and were so excited seeing her put letters together and reading simple words on her own.


As for me, I’m working on writing a training course and I’m in the beginning stages of two articles for BCM World. I’m thankful for a Wednesday night team who is rotating on teaching so I have fewer lessons to prepare each week. This allows me to focus on other areas. Today, I’m enjoying all three kids being sound asleep simultaneously… a rare pleasure. Someone’s car broke down in the church parking lot today and in true Brian fashion, he’s out doing his best to get it running for them. I absolutely love that he jumps in like this, and this time, we just knew God had this planned since the part that he thinks is wrong with their car is the exact same one he had purchased for our van awhile ago and hadn’t had time to put on. They need it more than we do; so glad we can do this for them. :) In a bit I’ll be waking the kids up and sticking them in the van while I take family pictures for our neighbors. At least we’re never bored!


So, just because it’s good to share things like this: A week ago, Brian and I both looked through Big J’s clothes on separate occasions. Last Saturday, we talked and realized we had both come to the conclusion that Big J had basically no fall clothes since he grew so much this summer. You’d think we’d have learned that God knows this beforehand and even though we were surprised, He was not. Point in case – Sunday evening found us receiving 5 large bags of boy clothes from some friends. I’m not even kidding. Did they have any idea we needed them? Nope. It’s like God drops blessings onto our laps just to show us that He cares and is still in control. So, now, I’ll just ask you to pray with us about this — our van is having some pretty major issues. We’re not sure what to do with it or what to replace it with if need be. We need to make a decision fairly soon and just have no idea what’s best. Pray that God just throws open a window and shows us what to do! Obviously, He’s quite capable of taking care of our needs!


We hope your fall is as beautiful as ours has been! Thanks for praying for us!